Benefits of the de-ideologized study.

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The market is a framework of voluntary cooperation based on the rights of the person, including the right of property, voluntary contracts that are subscribed to be fulfilled.
Everything affect but without doubt the most important added value we can have is knowledge, parents and children are hostages of the nationalized education system, what was mercantilism now is extractive corporatism, placing certain companies at the level of the official bulletins, giving them the social legitimacy that they have with the help of their lobbies, to extract without regard, as consumers, we must use all our efforts to untangle the supply of purchase.

Who should attend to social problems? should it be the state?

The first way in which we all think to provide these public services would be the state, basically made through a state agency, directly or indirectly through private companies or administrative concessions, with public funds acquired by force or fear.

the process of creating money for example is a socialist system, such as the creation of schools, what happens with socialisms? either total or partial, they have severe calculation problems, not to mention the serious problems of incentives and freedom. Can you choose the content of education? Can you choose the form of health benefits? Who chooses what is important or what is not? Who decides what is studied or what books are read? And according to what criteria?

The state, neither was nor is it the only way to provide social services, now they even have the power to define who is poor or a sick person.

What are the main needs of the human being?
First, unless you live in the tropics would be the clothes, we would last hours without it in many places, the second would be water and third the food for obvious reasons, these goods are acquired mostly in the market, never in the history of the world has there been less hunger, less disease and more prosperity, the remaining hunger stems mainly from wars through deliberate restrictions on the arrival of food, in many places it is still used as a weapon.
As a mechanism, the market works quite well but of course, you need to have financial knowledge and think long term, something that not everyone is capable of doing these days.

We have at the price we pay for accessing the network the largest database and knowledge we've ever had, access to libraries, programs, courses, art, etc. Many of them for free, is education really expensive?
the opportunity cost is also a cost, although it sounds redundant, sometimes it's hidden.
The biggest problem we face is the organization that through intervention prevents innovation.

The first instance of care of a disabled was and is the family, children and elderly, a kind of pact in which they took care of each other in need periods, historically it was the main source of protection, it also was the main rival of the state in its construction process, the welfare state is a way for citizens to depend more and more on state powers.

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Tougher than steel, solid as a rock, more fragile than a rose.
Just trying to understand my obligations. thanks!


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