Unwind to unlearn how things get undone.

in #freedom3 years ago

How far can we go with a few simple ideas?

From warriors to mercenaries, from creators to sellers, from supporters to hooligans, from owners to users, from gamers to voyeurs.

Was our choice? Who did we obey?

We let ourselves be conquered, we killed love and empathy, now even humor agonizes.

Are we close to having all the pieces? Will we know how to put them together?

In the age of glass, aluminum and plastic, Will it happen to us the same as in the Bronze Age?

Will the age of steel be extended? Will graphene dethrone lithium?

Will the sea people return? Will the library burn again? Will nuclear winter come?

Will the bargain run out? Will usury end?

Are you packing tools for the mission?

Is it necessary to do something? can we?

Have we learned? Would we understand?

Trespassers will be composted.


Doubt isn't denying the irrefutable.
Don't let that mouth write a check that ass can't cash.


I like how the trespassers will be composted.

hahah we all will get composted eventually, hope to see more green stuff with this project around, thanks for the support!

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