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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

All my heart and my support and with you people of Hong Kong. The independence of Algeria and Hong Kong and all countries led by criminal crooks.
I live in Algeria we protest against this indirect colonization for 9 months
and these weeks which comes, its determinant but the world does not speak.

The peoples of the world are beginning to understand that the place of crooks and in prison, and not to be leaders, and that's thanks to the alert launcher in the world, but the ongoing fight and the crooks do not let go business, he used to triumph even after the revolutions, and the history of humanity prove it today countries that are not run by families of criminals and crooks are rare, and the crooks do anything to destroy them like the democrat party in Sweden which is a scammers' party funded by rogue families to destroy the Scandinavian model, but fortunately the Swedes have not fallen into their trap. for the good of the people is necessary to follow the example of the Nordic countries. (Scandinavian) studied their history how it came to become the only countries to the people are free to good triumph over evil.
it must be understood that Scandinavia is not just about the history of the Vikings, so you understand how Scandinavia and become a model to follow,
it is necessary to study the history of Sweden from the time of Gustave Vasa until modern times.
and you will see how the world tried to destroy Sweden, and its model to deliver corrupt or powers,
but thanks or Swedish people and these good leader (it is necessary always to supervise the leaders even if it is good) it not succeeded. alore for a new Constitution can draw inspiration from the Swedish constitution is also from all the good ideas that gives power to the people as the good idea of ​​Citizenship Initiative Referendum the (ric) that was requested by the yellow vests which represent the French people. and who has been refused by the government of scammers and French criminals who support criminals around the world and on everything else, and who do everything to prevent Africa from developing.