Inside Anarchapulco 2019 Update Series : #5 - Ben Swann - ISE Crypto Media, U.S. Southern Border Wall & His Pizzagate Purge -at Anarchapulco 2019!!!

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Freedom and Liberty lovers gather yearly in Mexico for the biggest conference of its kind anywhere.

My goal is to search out some of the inside content, for / from people I do not see on Steemit and get it out there to spread the message of love and liberty and awareness.

Last year I ran a full time, nearly real time update series showing highlights from all over the conference so people could find info in one place --- I blogged them out and on Twitter and the official Anarchapulco channels appreciated and supported my updates, so I am at it once again.

I hope everyone enjoys this series, I am hoping to find a couple gems a day and get them up so people will have it on their radar.

I really just want to spread awareness of freedom and liberty, since for many years I have been targeted by the police state and related agencies for simply calling out government corruption, very publicly and very loudly.

Turns out they don't like that and really do use extorted tax dollars and intimidation, lies and everything else to silence those people.

People like US.


Today's Inside Info! :

Ben Swann is the Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award winning broadcast journalist who turned his back on mainstream media to expose the truth.

One of the last of his kind, Ben gave up a lucrative job at a CBS affiliate in Atlanta after his stunning report on Pizzagate shocked the mainstream.

Now he has created his own independent media platform on ISEGORIA.COM.

Ben appeared at Anarchapulco 2019 and I got a rare opportunity to speak with him about the shocking violence in Juarez Mexico, the U.S. souther border wall, his forthcoming independent media platform, its connection to the world of cryptocurrency and why he left the mainstream over Pizzagate reporting.

My path to Liberty and Crypto is with you guys.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

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