New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2019 Live Stream - Day 3

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Free State NH Conference!

Day 3 here is 2 hours on the nose.

Liberty Forum is an annual conference hosted by the Free State Project in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event draws pro-liberty thinkers and activists from around the globe while showcasing New Hampshire’s growing, thriving liberty community.


Good to see you on Steemit

You will like the post I made today I am sure, it will be up on U Comm. this week likely. The editor there is a problem as you know

I look forward to reading it!
I haven't kept up with much of the drama on Steemit. I know many whales were taking over, making it hard for anyone else to be successful. Other than that, I haven't really followed.
I do like how you call attention to corruption. Anytime power becomes centralized, you will find corrupt string pullers that'll do or say anything to hold onto that power. Individual liberty and decentralization is the only way to keep that in check.

Yes, I put up a UOS post today questioning things there and I have been asked by a top team / EOS BP to get on a call with them and explain all the same things in depth since I was a long time blogger here and a whale in most categories for quite awhile.

I really loved Steemit and worked very hard, helped people, tried to build community.

Anyways yes that bullion post is up here as of a day or so ago.

I don't do much here anymore, I have been basically gone most of the last 18 mths, all the issues and drama and collusion and such I called out -- a lot of bad actors here and not many willing to do anything about it, that's why I have .25 posts now LOL