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As a mainland Chinese, I know exactly what they fight for. Frankly, I was also a victim of the CCP tranny who has to flee far away from home. We the real Chinese patriot and dissidents don even have any room or space to fight back for ourselves. As the Chinese who pro the Republic of China, we stand with Hong Kong people. I 've known there are lots of people in China who were locked up just because of supporting Hong kong people fight for their own rights. even though we are enslaved by CCP, it doesn't mean we are ignorant. yes, there are still a large number of Chinese people lost their mind or being brainwashed, but I have the conviction that the darkness will be enlightened, sooner or later the dawn must come! at that time we Chinese people will honor each other fight for ourselves exactly like Hong Kong people are doing right now!

I have to apologize here to all Hong Kong people, I know I should physically sand with you guys against the common enemy, but I can't. there is no room leave to us to fight like what u r doing! THEY CONTROLLED EVERYTHING, THEY WILL USE OUR FAMILY AND OUR FRIENDS TO THREATEN AND FORCE US. If anyone exposes himself to the public for supporting HongKong , his entire family will get involved and implicated. the parents may face to the dismissal, the kids may dismiss from school! They are the true evil , using the family who is the people we most love to enslave us!

Right now, it's you, hong kong people, the last chance. Don't back down, otherwise they will spread their slavery system to Hongkong. They will use everyone you loved to enslave you.....




Thank you for your support, it means a lot to Hong Kongers. Hopefully we will live to see the day where everyone is free from Chinazi

Stay strong and don't give up! It took us 4 years of protests to get rid of a corrupted government yet some important figures are still in power.

Thanks to reply, Chinazi won’t last long. Chinazi is playing the role like Soviet Union from Cold War. hong kong freedom fighters draw attentions from all over the world during this new Cold War between US-China. I don think CCP have the guts to do the Tiananman crackdown nowadays again especially in Hong Kong which has the free speech,free press and free media.

Be safe and keep the protesting until the end, Glory will be back to Hong Kong again. Not only hongkong people need this victory, the entire civilized world need it, the entire human being need the Hong Kong free. right now the Hong Kong human right bill is in the process of senate voting,the world won’t leave the Hong Kong people behind!

万事小心,荣光一定会归于香港的 保重。