💸 If I'm told Millions died for my Freedoms 1 more time 📣 I'll puke ! I Know what Free and Freedom is. 🌍 Millions died for Nothing in my eyes. 🌍

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I've been to free Country's and never heard the above statement once, Why...Because their Governments never had to justify a war that killed Millions of their friends and family or Countrymen. and tax you to pay for it!

Henry has been in US Government for decades, regardless of what political party was in the White House ( Doh)


Oh Ya, Other country's

🙌They can hire anybody they want for an agreed price and no one claims 1 cent of that money before or after they get it. That is Free combined with Dom. Freedom to do as you please with whom you please without interference from outside forces that claim to know better what is best for you and forcing you to pay for their opinion, at gun point if necessary. Enforcers cost a pretty penny don't you know.

🙌They can purchase land tax free and keep that land forever, Build and expand for free and without permits ( true ownership ) Freedom at it's finest. Open a business on their land offering anything under the sun, and only the quality of service they offer will determine it's viability or failure. ( not regulation )

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Love Always


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