Haha that interaction 2/3 of the way through was hilarious. When she asked "can we pull some chairs up" your facial expression was like (you know I'm just trying to enjoy my space, with the wind a blazin', AND NOW IT'S GONE!). I like how you can hear that wind in the video...full experience. Have a great everyday!

Wait until you really get famous 😂😂😂😂 no more being in public without security.. lol and you got it on camera You spoke it in to existence

scary how my name fits perfectly into that sentence on the meme

When you go with the flow all things come together in unity, hey not crazy just life 🔑✌🏾


Haha, thats so funny you talking about everyone telling you happy fathers day and then some comes and tells you just that, lol
Btw that camera doesn't like windy beaches.

and my kids are not there, so how the fuck does she know i am a father, government agent cover blown

Haha, exactly what I was thinking!
That must be some american thing, here in Sweden only the closest talks about fathers day.

Seems like you're enjoying life out there.. fantastic :) I have my 9 till 6 job tomorrow.

Wow Craig. You are really enjoying life at your terms. I love the hammock of invisibility (your private get away from everything). Sorry if I am talking to you when you want to be left alone. Will SHUT UP zipper-mouth-face.png

Like your video Craig, I want you to have a good rest with my family :) Do not let go of your positive attitude!

Classical XD. I agree that getting away from everything is great and really makes you a better person. Im 14 years old and learning about the world and getting away from everything is good for me :) my new post is me getting involved with nature so you can check it out if u want ;)

I checked out your page and to have just started less than 24 hours ago you are doing very good 👍💯 keep it up, you'll be swimming in money before you know it

Thanks man ;) i have followed you

Is it okay if i ask you some questions ?

I followed you way back when you first committed but yea go right ahead ask away?

  1. What are the benefits from resteeming?

  2. What are good times to upvote peoples content money wise as some have said upvoting early is good and some have said doing it after 30 minutes is good?

To my understanding it's best within the first 20 minutes

OK do u know anything about resteeming?

You low key are a internet celebrity already haha Wait until steemit become mainstreem! Man, everybody is goining to be coming up to you wanting something! You better become a savage or they will take everything boss haha

People are annoying sometimes :)

And yeah the "how are you doing?" is always fake as fuck so i'm not doing that anymore.

The beach looks truly awesome, you seem to be having a great time..cheers, Happy Father's to you Craig! Waiting for more crazy stuff...

Happy Father's Day Craig!!!!! Not trying to be

happy father's day, craig.

You are now loving your life after the hard work and the support you gave it to steemit community.
I thank you for your support and I wanna thank you for your YouTube video from which I'm able to learn this much.

Could you please tell us more about getting upvotes ?! Please ?!

This is even better than the "Necktie of Plausible Deniability" , I have not sold one of those yet, although I keep trying.

Man, I really feel for ya, must be rough out there. Brought a tear to my eyeball.

Whew, glad yer handler managed to scare off those weird guys in that cart.

Hi Craig
I just want to make friends with you you seem a great person
I have upvoted your post and followed you
Best Regards Andrei

I don't celebrate any holidays lol...Magic!!!

When I realized Brother Craig is a bigger celebrity than Brad Pitt

Happy father's Day,craig
follow me,i m new here in Steem it

[email protected] cheers!and keep the spirit up.