❎ Google Will Ban Cryptocurrency Ads

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The Internet Giant follows the recent regulation of Facebook and will not allow advertisers to promote their crypto businesses.

Hello, I'm Big Brother and I think Bitcoin is not safe for you.
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It seems like a Dejavu

Just recently Facebook had shut down all crypto-related advertisements on their platform and now Google joins the move against Crypto.

The offensive fight against the new Technology is justified with a small change log regarding advertisements in the financial sector as you can read here

In the message you will find that aggegators and affiliates of the following financial services will no longer be allowed to serve ads:

Ads for aggregators and affiliates for the following will no longer be allowed to serve:

  • Contracts for Difference
  • Rolling spot forex
  • Financial spread betting
  • Binary options and synonymous products
  • Cryptocurrencies and related content

What does this mean?

Regarding crypto, this means that there will be no more Ads regarding Crypto's and even topics that are related to Crypto.Most notably, Exchanges, ICOs but I assume even blockchain-tech related content. A huge number of affiliate advertisers will also be effected by this change.

The changes will not take effect immediately, they will be rolled out in June 2018.

Google does offer a certification, that advertisers will be able to obtain if they want to advertise in this area and can follow all of Google's guidelines. Power much?

Obviously, Big Brother tells us that the reason for this step is the protect users from themselves and to provide a better search experience for all users.

But we all know what's up, don't we?

This is a major setback in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Think of all the services, businesses and start-ups that are trying to spread the message and onboard new users - they are now deprived of the single most effective marketing tool, and have to beg Google for permission.

Hundreds of crypto-related websites will not be able to get this permission and will be demonetized.

I am astounded to see the sheer amount of power and influence this tiny notice of censorship exemplifies.

Are they scared?

Google only has as much power as we give power to it.

Fuck Google, use DuckDuckGo

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I've been using Presearch to DuckDuckGo. It's a couple of extra clicks, but ultimately more worthwhile.

This is a major setback in crypto currency until Google launches it's own coin, and then those ads will be all anyone sees.

Just to clarify though... they won't be hiding links to crypto sites, they just won't let them advertise... which while super sucky, I personally don't ever click on Google paid links anyway... but I'm also sure I'm not most people.

PRESEARCH? You are knee deep in crypto aren't you my friend :D I must try it!

One of the worst things that ever happened to the internet is when people started using the term "google it" to refer to search engine use. I bet it was popularized by the media to begin with.

Do you think this is the reason why all coins are dropping?

Yes, I think so

I don't think it is the only reason but it could have something to do with it.

I use Google as little as possible because they spy on us and steal our data. I can't believe how many people continue to use the Chrome browser, their search engine, etc. If they aren't down with crypto, that is just another nail in their coffin! Thanks for sharing this in #steemitbloggers

Google have banned truth so they might as well ban cryptos as well!

We are on the same page, @sift666 <3

Zeigt nur, wie krass der Markt ist.
Wir brauchen definitiv ein neues, dezentrales Google :D
Wer will eins programmieren?

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Given where their vested interests are (and loyalties lay), I'm not really surprised.

Oh yeah, and standby for GoogleCoin! LOL!



Which company do you think will be next to follow with the ban?

Most likely it will be YouTube :'(

Well, this is another hit in the downfall of cryptos unfortunately...

What about the free press? I think this completely destroys the idea of free trade because Google has the power to influence all that people find on the internet. Will definitely read those posts about stopping to use google :)