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RE: Do We Really Need to Apologise? Why Apologies Are Out Of Balance.

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This had me doubting my perspectives but I think I'll hold my ground and say apologies are a necessity. An apology is not necessarily an admission of error (at least the way we use it), it is more of an indication of seeking peace after a fracas (the way I see it). Reducing it to its bare meanings may rob it of its actual usefulness

I don't know if that made sense, it sounded so much cooler in my


hehe. apologies can be used as part of a way of creating peace, yes - though if peace has been breached then there will have been some kind of error or lack of acceptance involved since arguing is ultimately unnecessary and is thus then born of errors that say that arguments are necessary/useful. denying self and each other is a form of error.

real peace can be found through understanding and a shared intention to find peace that leads all involved to make decisions that cause peace. if the understanding is present that the entire dynamic that leads up to apologies is unnecessary, then no-one is likely to be attracted to seeking apologies.