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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

downvoted, for the same reason you downvoted others.

Where the heck is your thumbnail?

and I believe that this is definitely low-quality and low-effort post.


The comments are the point of this post, and a pretty important topic that hasn’t had much coverage on Steem yet.

I think I would like to see the rewards done differently, but at this time it’s the only form of promotion- which gets it seen.

Perhaps you should be reading and curating the actual discussion, as most are better than the content I see you fighting over anyways.

Isn’t sharing information like this, in first person, one of the reasons to fight for decentralized platform that encourages peer to peer sharing of information or content?

I expect more from a investor like yourself tbh. Perhaps take another look at the point here, rather than a past feud.