Living My Freedom

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I spent my fair share of time protesting, and even going and speaking at city hall meetings. I spent time working in community gardens and helping create solutions in the city of Houston to try and make a change.

But I have come to find living my freedom and being the change inspires far more people than standing with a sign. Although I value those times for all the people I did reach, awareness I did spread, and for meeting my soon to be husband @mickeybeaves through activism, for us it has morphed into living a beautiful life of traveling full time.


Freedom is everywhere, for me it’s in travel, art, skydiving and so much more. You can live a free life if you do the things that make you feel free.

Of course the state can still step in and take your freedom and of course we want to change that but as we live our truth others will be inspired to live theirs. I believe by supporting people who are living the change it will inspire freedom in the masses.


And for the masses determined to live in freedom no oppression can keep us down.

I continue to live my freedom in life and love every day and hope to inspire you to live yours.





Well done, great work!
I liked it ... strong words from you
Thanks for sharing your experience

Nice post my friend

Both of you are fantastic people. Can't wait to get more time to hang out.

Freedom is having the feelings or ability to be free from all sort of constraints and enforcement.Freedom give ability to breath freely and to do whatever you want.It is good to spent some time in freedom with serenity.

Nice pics ...I love your concept of freedom and I think the same! live free and fearlessly live free without fear of what may happen

I agree :) positive living is more inspiring than protesting. and more fullfilling too.

tipuvote! 0.1

very good post :) and awesome photos.
freedom is the most important , and i also find my self completely free aon the Travel and far from everything

Perfect answer totally agree;)

good to hear (see) that , thank you :)

nice photography

good travel and photography follow now 😱😱😍😍

We all need...

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yay to universal law

Hey man, great post mate, never been skydiving, or really travelled but we are our own hurdles and it's about jumping over them to cross that line! Good vibes bro, keep them coming!

Go for it. We are only limited by our own fears and imagination

like your photos,very nice.I have upvote you.up

People who you protest with will never forget your good deed and if what you protest for is made,you are a HERO

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Very Beautiful shot

amazing place!

Great vision and awesome photos of SF!

Beautifully written, Hailey! I think you are a great example to many what it truly means to be living life on your own terms.

Love the hair color, by the way!

Take care and safe travels.