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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

The front liners in Hong Kong have been battling non stop for many months now. Many have given up so much for the cause and are prepared to die for it should the worse come to the worse.

For those not on ground to support them, all I ask is for the international community to help spread the word about what is happening, to your friends and family and via social media.

The world needs to know what is happening in Hong Kong, how people's liberty is being eroded day by day, how a normal person going to work can be arrested for no reason, how the police are charging into university campuses and accusing students of illegal assembly, how they are firing tear gas left right and center with disregard to public safety.

Hong Kong is not and has never asked for independence. All we ask for is the democracy and freedom due to us. We fully understand that we can't do this alone, and any international support we can get, no matter how big or small will help one step forward to achieve this.


Thank you for bringing international attention to this issue. The Recruitment Office tells me that the HK Police Farce will soon need recruits to replace our attrition. Some photogenic white monkeys would make for perfect WeChat stories and press shots. Did I just say press shots? Excuse me peppering about some spicy humour - brings us all to tears. Seriously though, did you know HKPF now sources tear gas from more countries than we did mere months ago? Yes, such is our commitment to diversity!