It's amazing how many people talk about how riding a bike gives them a sense of freedom

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That's me with my old Trek 830

It was a bit late in the evening and the light was fading, but I'm glad I took the picture. I still feel a little awkward about taking "selfies", but I'm mostly used to it. It's good to share important moments and pictures that capture a thought.

Riding bicycles and freedom

I've been riding my bicycle almost every day for the past couple of weeks. Much of it is out of necessity, but right now I'm very much enjoying being able to ride. I don't enjoy riding in car traffic nearly as much, but there are a lot of back streets in our city that have very little traffic and are pleasant to ride. We also have a good number of trails.

Getting out and on a bike does give a sense of freedom and peace that is very different from driving a car. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I've been reading and watching videos about bicycling for the past couple weeks and I've noticed that most other people talk about how riding a bike gives a strong sense of freedom. Even people who don't focus on that usually say the word freedom at some point in their talk about bicycles. This caught my attention.

I think that part of it is that you are using your own power to move you. You can do that while walking, too, but a bicycle gives you such a mechanical advantage and allows you to go much farther with less effort. You don't have to ask anyone for permission to ride a bike. There's no licenses. No gasoline tax. You can buy an inexpensive bike for cash and just ride. It feels good!

I hope to ride a lot this summer and enjoy the warm weather.

Freedom comes with responsibility

There are dangers to riding bicycles, but most of those dangers come from having to ride close to cars. Bicycling at reasonable speeds is extremely safe, but not totally safe. You still have to be in control and make smart decisions.

I have been feeling good since I started riding more. I feel more relaxed and healthier. It might be from getting more sun and enjoying the outside air.

Do you think riding a bicycle increases your freedom? Do you think it's just a feeling or is there some logic behind that feeling? I'll keep riding and see if I find out.

-- @matthewdavid


Riding bicycles is literally my favorite thing in the world! Haha I have a bike that I ride more than using the car. You are right, it is a sense of freedom.
You write well. Steem on friend!

I do miss riding a bike. 20 years ago I was struck by a car at 55+ mph and spent a week in a coma - it was hard on the wife so I'm not allowed to ride any more.

Ironically, I wasn't wearing a helmet at the time. It was January and I had a wool cap on instead. The doctor said that if I had been wearing a helmet, I would have been broken my neck and been paralysed for the rest of my life. I've been suspicious of safety features ever since.

Safety is one of my concerns with bicycling. Statistically, it's safer than riding in a car... but people give me more warnings about bike accidents than car accidents.

Having had a serious accident yourself, what is your opinion on bicycle safety? Thanks for sharing your anecdote on helmet wearing. I don't wear a helmet right now, but am not totally opposed to it and I have my children wear them.

Oh, I think bicycle safety is fine. I'm not sure if I'd make my kids wear helmets - but then again, I'd probably go to jail for refusing to use those child-safety booster seats too, which are legally mandated even though they show no statistical difference in injury protection, even when they're installed properly, which they rarely are.

I think a big part of our country's decline comes from everyone expecting to be "safe" all the time - we're raising a generation of whiny nitwits. Life is supposed to be risky and occasionally painful and it's going to kill a few of us off whether we wear helmets or not.

I might feel differently if I had kids, though!

riding a bike gives me a pain in the butt.

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