Why I Quit YouTube

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I highly recommend watching this video

****Warning Strong Language from upset you tubers. ******

It explains the problem from the point of view of the content creators who made YouTube so great and what's happening now that is making it so bad.

LBRY is a solution

LBRY is a blockchain based app for publishing content. It doesn't have to be video, but the majority of the channels do publish videos.

LBC is the currency of LBRY and works similarly to Bitcoin. It's quite different than Steem and Whaleshares, in that you can send tips to the content creator, but there's no sharing or upvoting. It's a content publishing blockchain first, not a social network.

I like how straightforward it is. I am subscribed to several technology and crypto related channels on LBRY, including @agorise, the Linux Gamer and the Lunduke Show.

If this is intriguing to you, I recommend watching this video first and then downloading the LBRY app from lbry.com.

-- @matthewdavid


youtube has just gotten more and more draconian as time has gone on, they're always losing money, and they desperately wanna be family friendly modern Tv, which they aren't and will crush the one thing that makes them of any use if they do. Meanwhile so many ppl on youtube are censoring themselves now and throwing in advert they themselves have to spout having been sponsored by this or that company.. man.. Hope it doesn't get worse although im sure they'll find a way.

Yes, I'm sure they'll figure out how to make it worse for independent content creators. I hope a lot of people move to alternatives like LBRY and promote it hardcore to their existing Youtube audience.