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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

In a nutshell, my view is equal to the Christian community there: Both sides need to show restraint.

Living in China I can see the overall opinions of people here and the more violent HK gets, the happier the CCP becomes. It's just a growing list of reasons they need to come and 'rescue' the city with military intervention.

They are famous for playing the long game so don't expect some Iron Fist force hammering down in some city-wide curfew, but the end result, however it happens, will be the same. HK will calm down, Ethnic Hong Kongers will slowly be replaced by the Han, voting will be revoked as the city government slowly gets dissolved (not that it's worth shit now anyway given that nobody protested when they signed away their right to vote for anybody except pro-beijing officials).

It's sad, but violence is only expediating the process, I guess


The nativist Hong Kongers are grandchildren of the swimmer generation who escaped the glorious abundance in post Revolution China and who now express their poverty mindset via a new generation. Unfortunately, they are Han Chinese too. We cover these facts and many more in our comprehensive and totally non-biased recruitment course to re-educate the holes in our officers understanding.
Luckily for you, we accept recruitment applications from overseas. There are many British people currently serving.