You think you are Free

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are fre."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In commifornia the authoritarian state have quarentined an entire neighborhood. @zerohedge The worst part about this situation is that residents were kept in the dark until it qas over. Things are certainly ramping up for the flu made bioweapon. The worst part about the whole situation is that the medical mafia is pushing their flu shot that doesnt work.

I have not posted in a long time because I am very busy at work in a new job as a gubment employee. At least I am still dropping truth bombs on the daily. In our garage there arent any liberal leaning people that I know of. There are plenty of folks who fall for the lies.

The markets have been on a crazy ride but look at that gold to silver ratio. Near 96 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold. The bond market and stock markets are in wild swings. Look for a flash crash in the near future. The dollar vigilante is blowing things up. Sign up for his newsletter if you want to learn a lot about the market moves. I watched the prescious slammed days ago down to near 16 doll hairs per troy. I was salivating but unable to make a play. Why you might ask? Because I am planning to visit a btc atm near my city and drop some doll hairs into it to get some more steem. I need to power up some more steem to stack some holybread and fight the tron tyranny. Speaking of the Justin Tyrant Sun please send me some witnesses to vote for to help. Dare I say the enemy of my enemy is my friend at bernista. I almost mentioned another tyrant here but he is not worth the mention. I would rather secretly support one tyrant to fight another.

Find censored news at one of my favorite new places for multiple news feeds. Mike Adams @naturalnews has done it again. Stay free anarchy volunteerists and steem on. Real news is on talk radio republic broadcasting network Thank you for the love fellow steemians. Start sowing for spring American Nationalist preppers. Just remember that racism requires supremacy. White People not welcome in Britain


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