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Do you feel good?
Do you feel fine?
Did you achieve what you had in mind?
I got told you you're a big shot for the ties,,,,
,,,and take it from behind.


You are cashing out a lot of money from Steemit, @freedom might think that you are costing more than the value you add to the platform. You are always posting the same charts with almost no new value each day. Those posts are generating a lot of money because you are on auto vote by some whales. I tried posting technical analysis and the real payout should be 1 to 3 USD per post, like what i'm getting, and not 500 USD. That's why you are getting down voted and I agree with @freedom we should up vote people who are totally invested in the community and add tremendous value only.

I will be recruiting more traders here by showing the 600 dollar rewards Oz is getting. Will be interesting to see how that will go. How will the community explain a situation where Oz makes 600 dollars per his trading posts while everyone else is making under 100 dollars, I hope it doesn't come to that as selling the story of "greater quality" can start to really hurt us all fast as users of Steemit don't live in the fairytale land.

I tried many times to do some trade reports, it doesn't pay. The only one getting paid is OZ because of his connexions to the whales.

Have you tried to contact these same whales and ask for support? I'm sure they would be happy to support more quality trading authors. Would be strange if they wouldn't.

I believe that it's not right to contact whales begging for votes, if they like my content they will up vote me. I can see that OZ is not posting anymore since he knows he is going to make 0 per post, it seems he was only interested by the payout.

The whales might not be aware of your content though but I understand your view.

ozchartart is rewardpoolrape is berniesanders is nextgencrypto is ngc.
Does smooth belong to him too?
abit downvoted your comment, I thought abit is not berniesanders.
IDK. I will try to remember it.
freedom, dan, blocktrades and ranchorelaxo all started too late and quit too early to fight the true rewardpoolrape a.k.a. ozchartart a.k.a nextgencrypto

Well that opinion is subjective, I'd say.

We could have 500 people getting 1 dollar rewards instead of 1 person getting 500 dollar rewards consistently.

Isn't that kind of like saying everyone gets a trophy just for playing?

Equality and quality are different things entirely.

You're saying screenshot of ones blog posts earning 0.00 deserves 600+ dollars?
Have a trophy.

Why did I get so many down votes on my comment ? I'm not allowed to give my own opinion ?

@freedom 's flag is not that bad because he/she didn't flag in the last 12 hrs when no others cannot count-upvote, as like bernie is doing.

I wish I could comprehend this comment.

the point is. if you dont like the downvotes, find more people to upvote. i thinkk dan said that in the past. if you dont like one whale, find other wahles to put that whales votes in check.

Referred from here

Or how bernie himself said "Aw, don't be so butthurt just because your community posts nothing but shit that you reward ridiculously."

A good example of why the downvote powers must change (and the flag icon still removed on Steemit.com).

This is a very easy fix...
When someone downvotes a post, their downvote can only affect maximum 1/4 of the current value of the post for that hour depending on their SP. This way one person cannot wipe out someones whole blog post reward.

Most people would agree with my opinion. Its better than what we have now in place also @freedom would never again downvote a Steemit users blog post to zero, and @ozchartart would not worry about @freedom or any other user again downvoting his post to zero.

Do you agree with @freedom's actions?

Ok, now do you agree with people getting a zero blog post reward from one downvote?

I was negative reputation for 6 months, I know a lot about getting no rewards.

This flagging shit will kill Steemit. 7c steem here we come again.

What do you mean?

Flag wars have lead to so many great steemian authors leaving the platform. If it starts again then more people will be selling steem than buying. The price will go down.

Who got run off the platform last time?

Me for one. I see you've only been here since Jan 17 so you never even got to read some of the great post by folks who are not here anymore.

he can if he wants to, I've dug through past materials, even as far back as when people were getting 15k payouts on posts :D I agree flag wars are bs, but flags are necessary, they are the only tool for moderation, the sad part is people are using that to claim stake from time to time, it should be the idea, but they don't really do it justly(without personal ties) that's why we get flag wars, people don't moderate themselves.

So what gives anyone the right to overturn rewards based on their personal feeling someone's post doesn't deserve the payout. 1 whale downvote can cancel out hundreds of other users upvotes.

yes and one whale upvote can do the same, the Power does give the right, he is the holder he can use it. Whales are whales, there was a whale experiment where whales were flagging whales to get the distribution more in favor of the smaller accounts. I'm not sure if it's still ongoing. Probably not. But whales have the most stake in the platform, so they should be working towards what is best for everybody since their stake will be worth less if they abuse it.

One person should not be able to wipe out that much! that turns the whole system into a centralised voting system...

I can not believe it, @ozchartart! Why do people downvote your posts?

Seems like there is a whale group supporting oz (Bernie and his crew) and @freedom who doesn't like it. Both groups are using their shares to distribute reward pool as they see fit.

Also as community we need to start being more critical about post rewards. This is pointed to both authors and curators. Both parties at the moment seem to be increasingly happier as post rewards grow. As Steem gains in value, extra rewards seem to distribute vertically rather than horizontally - meaning select few will rake in thousands or even more. Is this the wisdom of crowd? Can WE do better? And if we can't, how will the Steemit look within few years?

Only once have I seen author voice their concern of possibly getting too much rewards here and he is one of the greatest contributors of value here. Funny how that works. If only we we could start including more people to our little inner circles, this is social platform after all.

below which is a good thing, politics here is bullshit, everybody dos whatever they like then say well it's the system that does it :D bernie likes to annoy other whales he had an axe to grind with dan, grinded some with krnel, it seems hes bored so he likes drama from time to time, anyways any group seems to betray trust sooner or later :D

dunno why oz is complaining, he took the beating from dan and he has a great payout (most days) :D well he's an ok guy after all it's shit to get trashed. But somebody else will get the 500 bucks anyway so nothing is lost

Yeah... Thanks for making it more clear, @j3dy!

Followed , reSteemed, upvoted and appreciated . We could all be big whales someday. Charma is a bitch.

another 3 months of downvoting started it seems

How many downvotes do you need to get those results and no payout? That seems absolutely crazy! At least this one is a bit different :)

@freedom has 7.1m SP on his account. so his vote is enough to bring my post from lets say 500$ to a complete 0, dw thou, he will 0 this one out also

If it is frustrating for you, just imagine how the little guys who have been taking it are doing? Large accounts taking stuff all the way to zero is pretty sad.

Buy more Steem. Isn't that the answer we all get given?

nice...your post deserve resteem and upvote...

Wholly shit man this is like "big brother" what are your options?

because charts make money :) and there is only so much to go around. Still I think the fault is in the botvoers that mine the articles and don't read squat.

But only 11% of new rewards go to curation.. Inclusive of the bot voters. Why hurt the authors?

they are helping authors, by giving them stable income and a piece for themselves. It might be 11% but those 11% go to around 5% of the people here, whales and dolphins get rewards, while most people get 0.001/2/5 which does stack up, but it's no way near what the ROI(return on investment) whales get for curation. But if we didn't have whales we wouldn't have rewards either so who knows :D

I see. It's either a case of OP needing to put more quality in his content (I can't judge how much he deserves to make per post); Or that flagging shouldnt be so powerful.

It's ambiguous as it is without the politics.

I'd like to sit by the sidelines for now. Being the small small minnow I am. Haha ha.

like voting flagging can be softened, but that is in the hands of the "Power" holder

Keep on posting, Oz. Karma will rear its ugly head.

I feel GOOD !!!

Yeesh bro! Sorry to hear that! Just start using #cannabis and #marijuana more often so you can kick it with us cool kids :p

I wish I had the answer, it seems every society, platform, gathering, etc., there always has to be a few that try the whole takeover thing. It gets old really fast...

What the hell is goin on?
0 is a total ?

Is down voting even necessary with all the other rules and bots,
I would think it is bad enough when the day goes by without any new votes.

downvoting should combat the above mentioned. But people like gains and vote on same old same old, the big players can't handle everything and that is why we have bots, delegation is the solution, but they like bots it seems more than people doing the same thing, voting.

Well, freedomnation wouldn't have done that. Shameful act, not following nomen est omen. I support you.

Can you explain what happened ?

The author ozchartart lost all his post earnings for the last few posts because one person with 7 million STEEM POWER downvoted all his posts.

The whales who support him say that the rewards of the members of other communities are unfair, and they are down at others' posts. The whales, however, say it's a good idea to post similar charts almost every day on their backing accounts, and they will be able to take hundreds of dollars every day. This is probably why I think @freedom did down-voting.

why this happend to you? @ozchartart

Me gusta tu post

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One person should not be able to wipe out that much! that turns the whole system into a centralised voting system...