Rogue Homeschoolers, Conspiracies and the Snowflake Invasion

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Hello hello good people,

Today I wanted to rant a little, I hope you're ok with that! The world we're in is so fucked up these days... but is this really so, or has it always been pretty much the same?

I don't know sometimes I wake up and think about how this world seems crazy only because I'm older, more aware of what's going on, or simply going through some phase we all go through as we get closer to our final destination in life. I'm not that old, I'm 45. But still every moment brings us closer to the last.


So, we have all sorts of conspiracy theories and a lot of them actually make sense. One thing to keep in mind is that most of them would not be surprising as a reality. Government have been known to do really fucked up things and sometimes completely out in the open. Look at a recent article from Time magazine; The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. It's almost as if the puppet masters like to toy with us from time to time, telling bits and pieces of how they operate. What is the intent, is it to be "transparent" for whatever reason, or is it done to gauge how much of their sheep are still mindlessly following along with the proposed narrative?

The masks, the deaths, the numbers and statistics, nothing that comes out of the press makes sense. I always felt something was wrong with our current system, now I see it. And now science has kind of become a religion... Once you go down this rabbit hole, you can't go back, you will see the world in a different way.

In this video I 'm just ranting a little about a few things.

One is the rising numbers of "snowflakes" that are invading all the big cities, it used to be that cities were not for the weak. I mean kids growing up in large metropolis used to grow up a bit faster than most. It just was part of the city dweller's dilemma, You skipped through the stages of childhood faster because you needed to grow up fast in order to navigate around an environment that was, in general tough all around. Today, that world is gone. New York city has been taken over by yuppies and snowflakes! The people are so fragile, it's kind of sad...

I also talk a bout a homeschooler shaming his kind of education and asking to enter the public system. It feel a bit like a strange stunt, designed to have other homeschoolers think twice about not being in the government indoctrination camps...

You'll hear about the board of my apartment building's decision forcing me to sell. Don't worry, it's a blessing in disguise really. Jack Spirko was right about buying a home in an HOA. Co-op apartments in NYC are basically the same thing... one more layer of rules to abide by!

And you'll also here me speak of what the New York City mayor said about managing people's realities. What the hell does that mean??? I like to think I can manage my own reality, and I want the freedom to do so thank you!


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