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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

Would have voted the post, but there is nothing here! Sorry there are a bunch of down-votes. Maybe put a little content in here? Sort of giving some background on the discussion you are trying implement? Just saying.

Congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Directors of the Steem Foundation.

Your willingness to assist the growing of our Blockchain, without expected recompense, is OUTSTANDING!

Post Script: The down-votes? l am sure it is nothing personal.


Thank you.
It's a new type of post allowing for unbiased conversation about an important topic. The money spent was to make it trending and resulted in a significant monetary lost.

I am sorry about that, was not aware. I could have done more research before pulling the trigger, yet am currently curating post from the last PYPT Show. Forgive me. I guess I jumped to a conclusion.

Shame on me. Maybe those folks I mentioned did their research.

As @themarkymark was discussing this type of post in his last podcast on @3speak concerning down-voting, I guess many of us should have done more research.

I am removing my down-vote with apologies. Forgive my lazy curation.