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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year (edited)

Sorry, down-voted because there is nothing here! Took me a while to decide whether to down-vote or not. The rewards do not coincide with the content (which is beyond low energy). While I applaud your efforts to start a conversation, this could have entailed a bit more effort.

I do not down-vote (or up-vote for that matter, most times) without explaining why, even if the reason seems to be self-evident.

Had to modify this comment to make an observation... there are a number of folks mysteriously absent who tout themselves as using their down-votes and communities/initiatives to protect the rewards pool. Guess I am not the only person that participates in identity politics. Or... is their silence due to fear of reprisals?

Once again, congratulations on your recent appointment. Have a great weekend.