Call to Arms for Jared Rice

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Arise Bank has been one of the first of the crypto-based projects to be targeted by US regulators.

Government agencies have been jockeying to set precedents. A dawn swat team raid, weapons drawn and pointed, on AriseBank founder Jared Rice Sr resulted in a thoroughly unconscionable confiscation of the startup's computers. All his work, his release ready code, his cell phones, his ability to implement his freedom vision for us all - gone. Officers also seized his personal effects, leaving him destitute. Yet the SEC, the offending government regulator, was unable to prove any wrongdoing in their civil action against him. Arrogant as usual, they simply assumed they would defeat him by blocking any way for Jared to defend himself! The abuse of power is jaw-dropping!

Yet, after considerable soul-searching, Jared decided to settle the action without admitting any wrong doing. This way he thought that his loyal investors would be returned funds that had been confiscated by the SEC to, so claimed, "protect" investors. To date, absolutely no funds have been returned to the investors that the SEC ostensibly "protects". (much has already been appropriated by the "Receiver" for absolutely unnecessary work - so little may ever end up being returned to investors!)

On the very day off the settlement, right afterwards, the FBI laid criminal charges against Jared. Do you have any doubt that corrupt vested interests are orchestrating this take down of our alternative crypto economy?

Are you getting the picture?

Government prosecutors have absolutely zero realistic (but lawful) way of winning were Jared to have the ability to defend himself. By engaging in the bully tactic of threatening him with 120 years in prison unless he pleads guilty, the prosecution is hoping to break him. They are counting on Jared's inability to raise the huge costs one faces in defending oneself in federal court - even against demonstrably bogus and frivolous charges. Should they succeed in their bullying, the whole of the crypto world will be in the cross-hairs of these rogue government agency prosecutors/persecutors.

Jared Rice Sr. is a victim of the biggest bank heist ever, by the SEC no less! Millions in contributors' assets, fiat and crypto, was seized from Arise Bank and turned over to a wasteful Receiver that has enriched itself and dissipated those funds. Even now, long after the original false allegations, government agencies engage in fake news targeting Jared, in the form of press releases, published in a bought and paid for, corrupt, main stream media.

Simply said, Jared, accused of federal crimes, is in a county holding facility with common criminals, He is held without bail, facing provably false allegations, unless and until he finds the means to demonstrate his innocence in the prohibitively expensive court system - or go to prison for up to 120 years. This is Ross Ulbricht all over again!

Jared needs your help. We have seen that power hungry government agencies count on most individuals not having the financial wherewithal to defend themselves against false accusations. Without a grass roots response, the federal courts and legal system are now, by design, affordable only to a rich and corrupt few. Have you ever seen directors of the huge mega-banks, banks convicted of multi-billion dollar scams, spend a single day in jail?

The US Government is morally and financially broke, yet they throw money and resources into prosecuting a young man that has the vision and the ability to create for us systems outside our broken, bankrupt fiat system.

Jared Rice has the power and money of an over reaching US Government against him. He deserves our help - just as he has been helping us by creating for us all a decentralized web and decentralized banking systems. It is going to be expensive - but not individually so if we each give a little that we can afford for his defense. It is your, and your children's, future freedoms at stake.

It requires YOU, and us all, to support this freedom cause. Legal fees may be $200,000 - $500,000, or higher.

Please donate generously. Jared, our freedom loving brother, cannot finish releasing his vision of a decentralized future for us all from within a prison cell.

BTS donation – justice-for-jared

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Bitcoin donation - 1BdA12SMQ8CTC9eb1XsXZGTsSTpjryXiah

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Litecoin donation - LSiinfe3GvDizZpoLUpzhbTuJStozt96bL

REMEMBER – You will not only be helping Jared. You will be helping the entire crypto industry and the decentralization of power. Regulators, corrupted by the deep state at the behest of the mega rich, are focused on destroying our vision. If we fail to support Jared, WE ALL FAIL.

If there is an alt coin listed on Binance that you would like to donate, but not listed above, please let me know.



"If we fail to support Jared, WE ALL FAIL."

The revolutionaries laid down their lives and their fortunes for the cause of Liberty. I've asked my whole life - what ever happened to that spirit that freed our ancestors from tyranny? Lord knows Jared has it. I wish I had more to give.

I am privileged to have met Jared late in this game. I wish it had been earlier. But in that short time I am privileged to call him a friend. The government's case is a total fraud. The only people who stole money are them, and they shall pay for this injustice. Let's get Jared free!

In JARED words:
“We can't sit around while we have the tools to affect poverty at its core”. #LetsPitchIn it's the only way.
Jared Rice Sr - Jan 2016.
There days are number, truth will soon prevail....

I read this and found it fascinating. I also used a tool--this website (which has archived screenshots of billions of web pages over time). This was helpful to see some of the web pages that are not up any more. I dont know all the details, but it does seem like Jared was the victim of slander and libel... I didn't get all the links to work on the web archive tool, but it aided in my research. I could have sworn the first time i read this article and checked the archive tool more of those sites were archived, but i may be mistaken.

The internet is being purged, and no centralized site is proof against it.

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In a just world, there would be justice.

It is we who make the world just - or do not.


I suggested to Jared that he contact MarcStevens.Net and learn the approach for challenging jurisdiction. To my knowledge that was never done. It is an Artful tactic and it is the most efficient way to challenge regulators. It gets them angry because you are showing that the King has no clothes.

Now he could do a remedy coin legal process against the courts, the SEC, the FBI. Essentially Jared would come up with a price he is willing to attach to his forgiveness of the whole ordeal. Attach this forgiveness to a new coin and offer a crowd sale of it to achieve remedy. One would have to do market-making to keep the market cap Within a target market price.

We could do this. Oh and another thing is that an arbitration settlement security is not regulated. So here you have the basis of a monetary system based on settlements a conflict that you can securitize all day long.