Finding time For Acceptance!

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<>I sit here in my truck quiet comfortably, with everything that I bneed right now to survive. I have all the food that my girls and me need and I have plenty of land on which to plant more.

We are all healthy, and we have the luxury to spend our days outside, where we get all the vitamin D we need. I have so much to be grateful for, because right now there are so many out there that are inf ar worst situations than me.

I was just reading @article61's latest post, about all the families that have been wrongfully ripped apart by Child Social Services. Where parents who once have visitation rights, will now no longer be able to visit their children, children no longer having any physical contact with their parents. How heart wrenching that must be.

There are so many who are isolated, living by themselves, especially elderly people who no longer get any visitors. So many in nursing homes, where the one thing that brighten up their days has now been taken away from them.

We can be so quick, to lose ourselves in the injustice that has been imposed upon us, to wallow in our self pity. For sure what has happened is full on and it can take a long time to get your head around what is happening. Because we never going to return to what was.

Even though there are some of us that have been waiting for this, who have seen it coming for a while, we were still taken by surprise when it did come and how easily people are being manipulated. We mostly tend to focus on how it has been affecting us as individuals, how our freedom has been taken from us. This is natural of course, but I also think it is important to not forget those who are suffering the most.


Before all of this, some of us shared our concerns for immigrants placed in camps, in tent cities in some of the major cities in Europe and in the north of France, where those camps were regularly destroyed. But what of them now, what is happening to them, now that no eyes are on them?

Moving forward it is important to be grateful for all that we have, for all that we have learnt and for the opportunities for further learning that awaits us.

Our eyes are being forced open now, things that we may have been uncertain about, are now more apparent, things we may have tried to hide from, are all too real now. What we need to do, is look and really see things for what they are.

Now is the time to focus on relearning skills, skills that have been forgotten. It is time to remember how adaptable we humans are, to focus on what we can do, to ensure that we have the life we wish.

Now more than ever, we need to share, share our experiences, our skills. Share the knowledge we have learnt, we need to keep empowering one another through shared knowledge. This is not the time to look back, but only to look forward as we pave a new way.

We need to accept that this is a new way now, there is no going back, there is only moving forward and for that we need to be prepared.

I look forward to continue to share and learn with you all.

I have created a Patreon account so if anyone wishes to support me, please do, I will be sharing poetry and words of empowerment.

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