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RE: Do We Really Need to Apologise? Why Apologies Are Out Of Balance.

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when I was younger I had a huge problem with apologizing too much, feeling the need to do it regularly, until one day a man at the farmers market said to me ' what you are really doing is apologizing for your existence, why on earth would you want to do that', it really a projection I was putting onto others of my lack of self worth, it really woke me up hearing that


Oh yes, that is often true - lack of self acceptance equates to a sense of not being right to exist at all! In Britain many people have taken this to extremes and often the most common word you will hear in a supermarket is 'sorry' as people navigate with their shopping trolleys and possibly, maybe 'nudge' into someone else!

Sorry = Sore (e) or 'Sore Energy'
So sooth yourself and your soul energy if you don't want to be sorry any more. :)

that was me, it is such an Irish thing to do too xx