in #freedom4 months ago


Being present,
opening up,
blasts of recognition
filter through my tears.
I know now, that we are here to magnify,
to break down years of conditioning
and march forward,
arms outstretched,
years of pain
washed away in the blink of an eye,
taking the initiative to no longer comply .

Here and now,
our minds fragmented
from the sea of lies,
ready to connect,
ready to re-construct,
and recreate,
To move forward,
seeking truth
establishing new roots
anchoring our strength into the earth !
The Earth!
that propels us forward
calls us home!
We are Warrior's!
seeking our own!

Fingernails dirty from hands that work the soil
minds opened to the possibility of the unknown?

eyes that see the magic and wonder,
who embrace the madness and the blessing of thunder!

even in our darkest moments ,
we know we are not alone
our roots intertwined with those who were once disowned!

Not seeking approval
not seeking to obey
We are Warriors
Seeking Our Own Way!