Our power lies, in the stories we tell ourselves!

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I should really be sleeping, but sleep has not come so easy to me these last two years. I have become quite accustomed to surviving on little sleep, well I have learnt how to function at least. Even if I fall asleep early I always wAke up many times in the night and then have a hard time falling back asleep.

That age old problem, when worrying about not getting enough sleep is actually what keeps you awake in the end. So I just go with it now. There is no point putting pressure on myself, thinking how I should sleep for so many hours.

It just is what it is and I get on with it. A true example of the power of thought!

How much energy we put into needlessly worrying, mostly about things that we really have no control over.

I had an interesting conversation with my two eldest girls earlier today about death. They see it as just a natural part of life and mainly joked about how they could die, the conversation was neither heavy or dark, it was in fact very light hearted.

It made me thing about how easily we can get ourselves worked up about things, all by the way in which we view things, how we think about them. How our minds really set us up each day and yet we can turn it right around, if we choose to!


Our power lies in the stories we tell ourselves, these stories are what frame our reality. We take the leading role in this and it is up to each one of us how we wish to create our own. By How we response, how we react, how we engage with ourselves.

How we engage with our own, inner dialogue. It is hard to control the thoughts we have and anyhow I am not a huge fan of controlling things. What is important is the stories we weave into our world with these thoughts, the power we give them!

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it is normal for some of us to seek out things to control, we believe this will help ground us, as so much spins out of control. But I believe the opposite occurs, because when things are free falling we need to free fall with them.

We need to let go, of the doubts and the fear and trust in ourselves, in our own inner guidance. We intuitively know what is right and wrong, we just need to find our way back to there.

For so long we have let others tell our stories, let others manipulate and dictate us, whilst losing ourselves in the process. Now it is all about taking the lead, doing the work and writing our own. To take our stance and really open our eyes and hearts to what is going on around us.

Now tell me, what do you see?

And how does it make you feel?

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