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RE: Hong Kong protests [Discussion]

in #freedomlast year

Hi @transisto and @likwid we can talk together

I think you guys are downvote to @sultan-aceh because you see his art that he posts can be a lot like and that me and my team vote for him. Why we give @sultan-aceh votes on every blog he has with friendship over a longer time here.

I will continue to vote for @ sultan-aceh but I will reduce it to 49% vote. @ Sultan-aceh will continue to vote for me too but he will reduce it to 39% vote.
He does not want to draw more pictures now, but will post other things on the blog as I think you think the picture number was too similar

He also has a project in progress that you may have read about that will help more people use steemit in the Aceh forest.

If you have been watching lately, I have changed my voting pattern a bit.
I'm sorry to accuse you of having another agenda that I included in my post when I wrote about @sultan-aceh.

To you I have only given a 100% downvote once a long time ago
due to a comment about another user where I think you were unfinished in what you wrote.

I see others taking revenge on you with giving downvote back.
That's not my idea at all, I don't like the downvote being used as revenge.

When it comes to @sultan-aceh and me, we don't vote for ourselves. We also do not buy from bitbots. But I see it being voted from previous bitbots, but those are manual votes I think

We want @sultan-aceh to continue in steemit because he is a great role model in Aceh and can help many there to become Steemians.
Hope you guys can help @sultan-aceh continue and give some kind words to him.

Regards @xpilar


Downvote the content you don't want to see on Steem and I'll do the same.

Thank you.

thank's for your feedback @transisto

Can you take a look at what @sultan-aceh is writing here, maybe you can give him some good words about his project