Lol - not in my browser (Brave) but that would be funny. The green button has the cool animation though!

This is Chrome...

That does look a bit bigger - might be the downward arrow that's bulkier. If I were using Chrome right now I'd totally be tempted to downvote you right now :P


Haha, must be a visual illusion. Mine do have the same size.

Remember: We see the things we wanna see. So my question is: why are you so downvoty today? What about some spring time positivity? :-D

Maybe a visual illusion :D

I don't think I've cast any downvotes today, and actually revived a comment that had been 'unapproved' by someone else!

I think those buttons are very close to each other, so people may accidentally hit the wrong one at times. But then we do at least have something to talk about :-D lol

LOL, now that you said that, it does look bigger to me too.
However I think it's just an optical illusion - red radiates more than green.

.. man it does look different haha. The green one now looks like an oval to me and not a proper circle. :)

I think you been starring too long now, next you'll be saying the colours are changing and you feel very relaxed :)

It actually is lol

Is it not a visual illusion due to green and red?

Could be, i'm sure it's a bit chunkier though?!

After looking again, I thought the green one was bigger for a moment, then had to just stop looking lol

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I think you're just tempted to try it out. :p

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I'm sure i'll get the chance to soon enough :)

Lol. It kinda did look like it to me as well at first.

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