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RE: Downvotes Added, Community Contributions, Bug Fixes

in #freedomex3 years ago

Well, what I'm finding now that the red downvote button was added, is that the 'resteem' button is badly overlapped (or hidden) by the 'bar' or the 'arrow' of the votes counter.


On other hand. I didn't check this yet. But I'll get to test soon if @quochuy's PR was already properly addressed and his so desirable requested feature of the "Match width of editor preview and actual post" has been actually corrected. };)


We had to make a compromise and reduce the width of the preview pane I stead of increasing the one of the actual post. It was safer that way. In the future we can consider increasing both of them after doing more tests to make sure the change does not affect anything else

Ok, that's at least a bit closer to the goal. Let's check later how good that looks like now. :)

hmmm I don't think they have deployed it yet...
Also, I noticed that they have modified my PR and changed the width from 50rem to 42rem... odd...

Yep, I also read about the modification of the suggested width measures you did on your PR there.

Anyway, I think we are now al least two to be attentive to the final changes and scold them if they fail to please our justified whims. LoL

After checking the code again, I now know why they did it. It's my bad. My initial width of 50em was wrong because the actual post width is not the width of .PostFull but the one of .PostFull .MarkdownViewer.

However, their width of 42rem is a tad smaller: 638px vs 640px. So I opened a new PR.

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