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RE: Downvotes Added, Community Contributions, Bug Fixes

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When most people run a poll, they run it for more than 23 hours. So even if the majority did not want it this still would likely have gone through, and the change made.

Also since it was such a simple fix, perhaps moving the downvote arrow to the other side of the pending payout would be a simple thing to accomplish.I know there is a pop up box, I know it is impossible to downvote accidentally, (you have to click twice, first the arrow then the submit button), still it would look more balanced to have it on the other side of the pending payout.


THIS! Move it to the other side.

I believe it was 47 hours, but, support in favor of this was overwhelming as expected. It’s not the first time this topic has come up.

"support in favor of this was overwhelming as expected"
As expected, or as designed?
Support was manufactured. Anyone with any brain can see that, and it's recorded forever on the 'chain. Shame on those responsible for this nonsense.

Right .. i'm sure that Steemit Inc ran around bribing folks to respond to the poll so it would be an overwhelming response in favour of the change. get real

Read my comment again, it had nothing to do with bribes. Get real.

maybe you need to find a sense of humour if you're capable

So your response wasn't serious, then? Why'd you bother chiming in? We're having an actual conversation. Did it appear I was kidding around?

you're comments were silly enough you should have been kidding around. Steemit Inc is under no obligation to you or anyone else to even run a poll on changes they want to make to their site.

When they do choose to .. how long they run it is up them not you or anyone else.
Your implications that the support was created rather than actual response from the community is beyond silly.

And yet, people agree with me. Are you the only one who can't see?

BRIBES? Why was I not bribed? I didn't even KNOW about the poll. Alas, I guess that's because I don't count. How many MORE people didn't get a chance to vote because they also didn't know about the vote/receive a bribe?

I found out about the "poll" because of a steemian I follow had resteemed it.

Uh huh... but why was the poll not listed in the sidebar like all the other announcements of importance? And why was it done in 48 hours?

I have a suggestion for another poll: Put my icon back where it was so I need not scroll up each time to expose my icon so I can click it to see the drop-down list. Sure, real estate is valuable, but hiding an important and frequently-used button is just plain inconvenient and perhaps even frustrating for some who are confused about where that button went to and how to get it back.

I use that button constantly to check for new replies and it adds one more barrier to access when I need to scroll up before each time I want to use it.

Good point on having to scroll up if we want access to the header. What kind of useless idea is that? Just one more step, that has to be repeated dozens of times per day. Another upgrade that isn't really an upgrade.

yeah.... weird how that works... not everyone is going to learn about what is going on unless they go looking or follow the steemitblog ... following the steemitblog works really well assuming you look at it when it posts.

Well - spammers pay to send me stuff in a transfer, and if steem actually wanted my attention they could (and would) pay for it like they do.

Yeah a slight adding mistake on my part, 2 days does indeed equate to 48 hours, I know I have seen the topic come up several time in the past, and recently. It is mostly a GUI type fix, still to ask people and make them think they might have a real say in how the interface looks, is pretty disingenuous in my book, because this looks like it was a done deal before the polling post was even made.

I myself prefer the flag, my view was it is more of a warning by using a flag, but understand that the vast majority felt it should be a down arrow. I am glad that presidential elections are not made by polls, because they have almost always been wrong at the early stages of the polling.

People referred to it as a down vote and so an arrow it is. No real problem with that at all. I am not likely however to participate in any other polls by steemitblog because I now see them as worthless and meaningless.

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