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RE: Downvotes Added, Community Contributions, Bug Fixes

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Toxic place, full of toxic people, circle jerking, pretending to agree, makes me want to vomit, you made a toxic system, where mediocrity is rewarded via so called networking, great work morons, enough of this place. Powering down to nil, you made a shit show, the price reflects it, all alt coins up, stincs shit down, any questions?


What the heck, who hurt you?

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Did you have a nice day?

My life is superb, this place is toxic, and the wankerwolf, bernie, marky, and neds crew all prove it, I rest my case, hows Spain treating you bro?

I kind of agree. I just want to use this platform as a cool place to share photography, but the majority of people here just want to sit in little circles and discuss nothing but the platform itself.

And you can't share photography because of that? I do that on a daily basis. Why not start a conversation about something else yourself? Why does it bother you what other people are talking about? Where else can you be rewarded for photography like this? The internet is packed with great photography. Really great photographs are like tap water. Yet, you seem to be doing quite well for yourself.

Besides, everyone is a stakeholder here, so can you blame people for talking about the platform they own?

Spring is here :)

I'm still holding onto the sunshine but it could be the UK again in a few months, sadly. Need cash money though while things pick up again.

Oh dear, that would be the last place I would want to be with the current political correctness climate, needs must though, or look east bro, the weather is superb, and the ladies are very (not politically correct) yummy.

Well, at least all of you are yelling about nothing. Here in Latin America we are one step from hell. Believe me, Latin America is the last place you want to be right now.

Then come on over to the east, funds permitting of course, and yes, you are correct, steemit means zero to us.

Listen to him @abh12345 and the cost of living is much cheaper.....Go East young man, your calling awaits :-)

I did enjoy the East last time I was there, it has been a while - too long.

heh :)

I am tempted, and with a little more finance I likely would - perhaps in a year or two.

Yeah that made me laugh too :)

I've come to realize that Steemit is a perfect reflection of the American/Israeli flavour of the Anglo-Zionist System/Mindset.

The 1% of the1% of the 1% control everything and are a trillion times more over-powered than your everyday normal blogger/commenter.

They sell it as "freedom and democracy", well this is what American/Steemit freedom looks like:

We are the top-abusers, we behave like a maffia, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we make the law, but we are above the law and if you don't go with us we will downvote you so long as is necessary to remind you of the glory of the American/Steemit experiment.

That's why everybody has run away from this place. This place is run by Anglo-Zionist nazis with an Anglo-Zionist mindset and a socio-economic model copied from the American Dream or the Far West.

I wonder if Dan Larimer was the guy who devised all these things. If so, he either he is a deep state agent or his brain was so washed by the American bullshit that he was programmed to mimic the appalling American system.

Since almost all the world hates the Americans, or fears them, no wonder this is what Steemit has become:

Bingo! Ding ding ding!

You got it @pagandance

"Computer programmer Dan Larimer used to be a cog in America's military-industrial complex, working on defense projects, drones and unmanned vehicles for companies like Raytheon and Torc Robotics. "

I Repeat the most important part of the Forbes quote:

"Computer programmer Dan Larimer used to be a cog in America's military-industrial complex"

The faces we are allowed to see are just 'hired puppets'.

post by kawaiicrush downvoted by iflagtrash, made readable again by pagandance, thnx @kawaiicrush

Oh man, this is about the 5th time I've seen you say you are done and powering down.

It takes 13 bloody weeks, expect 7 more!

I got ya @epic-fail. Lol.


Ah, okay.

I've set the date on my calendar. :)

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

At least it is not months now hey?

it would be painful to do this for 104 weeks. Thank goodness we have made some changes. :) Just messing with you.

LOL no worries.

Testing my new downvote on Mrs. negative here, this was the first positive move I have seen from Steemit in months, and you still had to pooh pooh it

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