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RE: Downvotes Added, Community Contributions, Bug Fixes

in #freedomex3 years ago

Great job guys and amazing turnaround.

I also love the new way you are displaying important posts.


Yes, this had to be done a year ago, slowly but at least they're working on it. They could have every week a poll or something like that to bring at least one fix-update everyweek.

Maybe they will! Let's give them credit when it is due.

46,864 SP with 100% power.... Yeah great job..... lol

Yeah... Well it's a drop in the bucket compared to their other accounts.

lol great.... so they are doing nothing to distribute the steem currency?

They delegate to many projects that give out upvotes.

They sell! :)

I wouldn't say "nothing".

lol, Also a good feature for this downvote thing would be for the authors not to show up anymore on my account after I downvote them.

That's what the mute function is for

I wonder if all the people worshiping this moronic "change" are true believers or just bots?

There is a good way to get rid of "featured posts" - it's known as don't look at Steemit...

I am totally a robot. Thank you for noticing.

In addition, I always support everything steemit, inc does..... just ask them.

I see from your rep you like to trigger reactions and that often you get one.


I KNEW you were a bot.
In fact, I've said so to you many times on Discord!

One day I said something that offended he who cannot be mentioned and in 5 mins my account was over and out - flagging maintains someones "standards" I'm sure...

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