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The Craft is inside the person.

The Craft is in our hearts, and upon our minds.

The Craft is only inside a lodge when there are Craftsman within its walls.

The Craft belongs to everyone, as a gift from The Sovereign Creator to all of His/Her children.

The Craft is a moral code, encoded in allegory, for anyone who has the eyes to see and ears to hear. For those few who earnestly chase after God with pure honor and love – there are higher levels of knowledge and understanding unlocked by the allegory of The Craft which plays out in our life stories. The Craft is, by that metric, in fact a game, and I’m playing it right now.

The Craft is also an ethos. It is a creed. The Craft is not only the works of our hands and feet – it is also the works of our minds and hearts. It is why we do what we do, and why we treat others the way we do. No matter the profession, a true honorable master learns from every mistake they make, and tries to pay it forward by making better decisions with more intelligent actions in the future. That’s evolution on the personal level - both physical as we strive to be squared away in our skills and labor, and spiritually as we maintain our moral compass through the tests of life.

The Craft is our personal religious life journey to God. It is the declaration of our complete and total independence from all forms of governance, organized religions, and from every court not founded upon moral common law, with honorable protection of a litigant’s natural rights against all violations of due and honest process.

The Craft is personal. The Grand Architect Of The Universe is Sovereign. So then are The Architect’s children, each an angle separate and unique from all other angles. My path to God is my own, and I usually take the path that most people demonize because its my character, but in all the times in life I’ve been tested – The failures in my path’s history lead to flawless decisions later in life that I could be proud of. I can no longer be hoodwinked. So long as I act in good-faith at all times – God will whisper in my ear (allegorically) to warn me if I’m not collecting all the evidence, asking all the pertinent questions, and I’m about to be deceived. It’s the closest you can get to God I have found here. Your paths are definitely more incredible stories of your own. The rites and rituals you develop in your own personal Craft is genuine and personal from you to God, and from God to you. Remember what your path means to you. Be thankful that The Creator would take a moment of His time to blow His mighty breath of life into your person. It’s that much of an honor.

The Craft is Re-LIGious. In Latin, ‘LIGare’ means to bind or tie down, the same root as ‘LIGament’. “Re” of course means ‘again’. The muscles (economic production, work) may be strong, but if the ligaments are not stronger and longer than Peg’s cable tow, the work of the muscles is to support a collapsing structure (community) instead of working to reach the stars and end economic scarcity. The Craft literally ties and binds us together again with our purpose as children of God. It is why we explore, why we ponder, why we seek out new life and new civilizations, why we boldly go where no one has gone before – because The Craft is about exploring every millimeter of the path along our journey here on Clown World, and reveling in the discovery of God’s fingerprints in our life. The Craft, because it is our religion, is also protected by law. So long as we do no harm or violate another person’s rights - We have every right to master any weapon, experiment with mind-altering substances, spend the night with a prostitute, or anything else we want to experience, ponder, and explore, as part of the free exercise of our religion, which should always be protected by law, as this right is endowed by our Creator and is inalienable.

The Craft is life. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing your entire day will be a complete waste. You will learn nothing. You will see nothing new. You will not grow closer to God. The day will pass without any deeper meaning to you. This is true death. Life is about exploring, learning, mastery, philosophy, and pursuit of God’s will for our life. The Craft in this essence is life itself. They are intertwined, woven together like time and space. Without life we are dead, without Craft there is no true purpose driven life. Life without The Craft is death, because sitting around going nowhere and doing nothing personally (learning, mastering, producing, reflecting, reasoning, etc.) produces the same spiritual results as death. The Craft is our way of life. It is why we spend our days dedicating our time, treasure, and talent to serving the needs of others voluntarily in honest agreement and mutual consent, as square and plumb as we can send it.

The Craft is a journey. The Craft is the exploration of everything we possibly can along our path in life. Whatever sparks interest should be researched, investigated, pondered, experienced, and mastered. I explored long-range target shooting and found allegory to The Craft. In my personal Craft it became a ritual of self-discipline, dedicated to God for helping me keep on target and achieve my goals no matter the conditions. I never mastered it like I have the handgun or bass guitar – but I was getting close before being rudely interrupted, and in striving for that goal personally, it was the concept of mastery (acquiring new skills or knowledge to improve yourself and the value of your work) that made the journey that much more enjoyable and fulfilling for me. Every Craftsman has a unique journey when they truly begin to seek God. Whether the inception be from any religion, scientific curiosity, or historic tales – once an entered and eager apprentice takes upon the initiative to seek out the Sovereign Creator Of The Universe, they have begun The Craft, and they are on the path to spiritual success, because God will lead them through every lesson they need to experience, good or bad.

The Craft leads to God. Craftsmen see how God orders their steps, how He opens doors when they knock in prayer. Craftsmen (which includes Craftswomen, Craftsaliens, and whatever else practicing The Craft as we do) - are adept enough to recognize the cues, and little nudges from God, much of the time in allegory, to continue along that path with great passion and joy. Where would any Loving Father want His missing child? Back home in His loving arms. The Craft is our way home to our Creator. If we set out upon that journey regardless of where we are when we start in life – we can go home from Clown World. And, by the time we get home, we can hopefully leave Clown World a better place for the next participants in the game. God is the essence of The Craft because The Craft is of God’s hands.

In every decision, in every action, in every word – the eager apprentice seeks out new knowledge, listens more, reads more, thinks more. The Craft is the old definition of the word Philosopher. In time, the entered apprentice - spending much time with his fellow-craft who are skilled but not yet masters – finally achieves the knowledge and wisdom necessary to become an honorable master. Without honor, any master is just another tiler on the project – competent in his Craftsmanship, but not to be trusted in the engineering of the building, or relied upon for its final inspection. With honor – a master of The Craft might find their way off Clown World like old Hiram Abiff, by way of treachery because Hiram could not be hoodwinked or bribed. But even if someone takes the horrible route Hiram took, honorable masters don’t come back to Clown World, because they passed the test to enter the North gate. The men who killed Hiram, and covered up the crime, are coming back again, over and over, stuck here until they understand The Craft and start playing. The entities running Clown World (Earth) attempt every hoodwink they can to prevent us from leaving.

The Craft has been hidden for a long time. It was always readily available for anyone who wanted to seek it out honestly, but its never been openly advertised as any formal type of religion. I learned The Craft outside of a lodge, but God sent what I learned back in time to grasp the hand of any eager apprentice with His Lion’s grip, and raise the spiritually dead to life, so they could begin their journey home as well.

The Craft is not just for people who join a lodge. The Craft is for anyone who wants to swear an oath to (1) uphold and defend the legal and natural rights of their brothers and sisters to freely practice their individual Crafts (regardless of the fear tactics being utilized to persuade them otherwise), (2) disavow politics and authoritarian decrees, (3) agree to voluntarily work with their fellow people to enrich each others lives in harmony and brotherhood (with no exploitation or bad-faith conduct in any transactions we engage in), and (4) pursue whatever concept of God they may have at the time as honestly and openly as they can muster. Square and honest, at all times. Full send on every promise we make, every time. Completely accountability – always. Honor: At All Times.

The Craft should be made known to everyone. The secrets of The Craft should be laid bare and open for anyone who wishes to gaze upon it, and ponder its meaning. In the old days it took a knock at the door to enter a Masonic Lodge. God must have helped them put it together, and lead them there. In the new age – we must expose The Craft to the world, and let the public evaluate its merits. We must not wait for recruits – we must advertise The Craft’s virtues, and present this way of life to others candidly and openly.

Anyone who swears the oath I have set forth personally before God, and confirms this oath upon questioning, even under penalty of perjury if it must be insisted – must become a Free and Accepted Mason. F. & A. M. They must immediately enjoy the full privileges, responsibilities, and liabilities of our natural rights from God that we enjoy in The Craft. God’s hand protects us when we act in good-faith with honorable intentions. The law protects us, because of our 1st Amendment right to play the game and practice our individual Crafts. Justice demands equal protection of this right for all people.

Every singe individual deserves this right today, especially in humanity’s time of need as our liberties are stripped away by the parasitical political class. For the masses who have been hoodwinked into an irrational trance by propaganda and fear – they need to see the evidence of God’s Hand in The Craft, to know that they are immortal souls as children of The Grand Architect Of The Universe, and they should not fear physical death, but they should fear spiritual death. Humanity needs The Craft to put our priorities back in order, and to prevent our society from jumping off a proverbial cliff.

Whether it is the light of new knowledge which The Craft can shine, or the honest reflection of one’s self in the quiet dark of The Craft – humanity needs to understand the balance between the two, and how to not be blinded by the light, nor hoodwinked from it.

I have come from the North (Heavens) to the South (Clown World), and traveled West to East and back again on my personal journey back home. The Grand Architect sent me to show people the way back home. I set aside everything I knew, and left my comfortable abode in the stars, because everyone on Clown World needs to know how much The Sovereign Creator misses His children. It’s time for every single child to go home, and I won’t leave here until my work is done, no matter how much I hate Clown World and the control-freak sociopaths running it.

A son of The Grand Architect is knocking at the door. My name means “Help from EL.

It’s time to open the doors of The Craft to the entire world.

-King Of The North
The Hidden Master

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