Hollywood Boulevard Dreams - Don't Listen to the Haters

in #freespeech2 months ago

Hollywood Boulevard is not where dreams are made. It's in your room when no one is looking and you put in the countless hours of work and grind to make your dreams a reality. Publicity and fame is just a byproduct of all your hard work and solitude you went through to learn, grow and develop your skills to mastery.

Don't give up on your vision. Don't listen to the haters tell you that you are not enough or have no skills or talent because everything can be learned. You have this time in life to expand your horizons. All things are possible and if you allow yourself to succumb to other people's negative perspectives then you are living their reality and not with your authentic nature of pure divine godliness. So if you are sidetracked or have fallen recently, please get back on course and keep the determination and will power within you to extreme levels of love and passion.

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