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It is not very obvious at all but in order to keep free speech in Steem we, as a community has to work for it. Don't take Free Speech for granted. Many creators on Steem get robbed of their creation value because of trolls that flag content that they do not approve of. As a result creators get greyed out posts and less people see their posts. Yet it is impossible to write an algorithm that differentiates good content with trolling. Let's take twitter as an example. Twitter used to be a supporter of free speech and kept content regulation to a minimum. Yet check out this video.

Steem's solution is to just grey out anything that people with high SP dislike. The problem with this though is that if the troll has a high SP then content still gets greyed out. How can we support creators robbed of their creation value who get flagged without being trolls?

The @freezepeach bot supports creators who are wrongly flagged. People that got flagged and feel like the flag was not justified can post the link of their flagged post in the flagreview chat. @freezepeach does not have infinite SP so in order to support the cause it is up to us to delegate SP to @freezepeach and upvote links that are shared on his profile.

Some on Steem get blocked by flags completely and cannot even post anything, such as @lyndsaybowes @mitrado and @nickgrujic , so give them your support to overcome these bots.

Upvoting falsely flagged post should not be conditional if you agree to it or not. It is more a question of if you want opinion diversity in Steem or not. For example:
@mepatriot regularely gets flagged for his anti measles vaccine posts. Yet simply silencing Anivaccers will not cause people be less sceptical about vaccines. He displays his opinion respectfully and therefore if you disagree you should respectfully present your arguments. His posts have value. Measles Vaccines are already mandatory in some states but there are some discussions that should be made before making them mandatory. For example in Indonesia there was a debate if the Vaccine is Halal since the Vaccines use something from the pig. Imams said they are Halal since if you are not vaccinated you risk death, and if you risk dying for not consuming pig then the Quran says you are required to consume pig. It's another question entirely if injecting pig counts as eating pig.

@steemitblog @dmania
There is a small change in algorythm that could help protect freedom of speech, and that is fully displaying a post once the upvote value overcomes the downvote value.

The protection of freespeech is important! We don't want Steem to become another Facebook or Twitter. Please spread this post so others too contribute for freedom of speech. Follow @freezepeach.
RESTEEM and Delegate SP to @freezepeach


yes max and everything that lyndsay says i totally agree
freezepeach for the first time ever sent me like 60 upvotes but it didnt help me because im not stopping talking and jerkoff will keep on you if he doesnt like your opinion
have a great day sparkie and max i will keep an eye out for you since i plan on staying in the negative and talking rudely to these scumbags for the people who wont
have a great day people

I'm sorry to see your rep at 0, and all the flags. I wanted to resteem this post yesterday, but pretty much anything I resteem gets flagged By this list of berniesanders' accounts he uses to harass/flag/spam with.

Now that this has been flagged anyways, I have resteemed. Keep up the great journalism Max, I hope this road bump doesn't slow you down.


There is no reason whatsoever to "debate" something accepted by science like Vaccines or the earth being round. It's a waste of time, flagging quickly shows your feelings and you don't have to waste time debating with retards. The same goes for racism, I'm not going to debate your opinion, just flag it.

You completely either misunderstand or misrepresent science. Nothing is accepted by science. Science is nothing but the process of disproving things. All competent scientists recognize that we do not completely grasp reality, and only disproving things can improve that understanding. Any scientist that claims the science is settled is NOT A SCIENTIST at all, but a shill.

Like you.

It's not the time to debate you lack, it's the intellectual capacity. Know the difference, as it will enable you to better budget your attention to matters you do grasp, and prevent you wasting time and treasure on matters beyond you, as you do here. There must be something you are able to understand. Spend your time on that and produce useful results instead. No one will benefit more than you.

@valued-customer You aren't a scientist.

What does it take?

Hopefully the defining factor is not employment.

If to 'do science' is simply to execute the scientific method then one can be said to be a scientist (a practitioner of science) only if and when one is executing it. That doesn't need any credentials or career, and through this strict lens the scientist by profession only earns their title during practice.

I personally take a more broad definition of scientist than this that can include people not currently 'doing science' and also laypeople.

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Wie kamst Du denn bitte darauf, der Pseudo-Patrioten-Idiot bräuchte deine Hilfe? Oder daß er selber an freier Meinungsäußerung interssiert wäre?

Es gibt hier genauso Subgruppen wie bei Facebook und Twitter und sie verteidigen sich genauso offensiv. Und @freezespeach ist einfach ein Witz, weil damit die Falschen geschützt werden!

Nochmal: es gibt für dich KEINEN EINZIGEN GRUND, dich in die Auswüchse im englischsprachigen Steemit einzumischen! Und das hier

fully displaying a post once the upvote value overcomes the downvote value

ist schon sehr sehr lange Teil des Algorithmus. Deutlich länger, als ich hier dabei bin, möchte ich behaupten.

Du siehst nur eine seite der angegriffenen. zb. @nourtawfiq ist journalistin und dank @freezepeach wurde nach angriff die flags neutralisiert. @freezepeach flagt nicht sondern neutralisiert flags mit seinen vote. Das ist deffensiv.

Die Politischen themen die geflagt werden entscheiden die steem witnesse da sie die meisten SP haben. Dadurch werden viele angegriffen ausgeuebt gegen die die gegen Nationalisten im mitleren osten schreiben wie du in diesen dmania post von mir siehst der nicht auf mein dmania profil zu finden ist. Auf Steem sind auch viele Amerikaner die eine etwas freizuegigere Art von meinungsfreiheit moegen wiederum finde ich meinungen sollen wenn sie respektvoll sind beschuetzt werden egal ob rechts oder links und ich denke das ist auch ein Deutscher Wert.

Z.B. @isabellaklais hat eine Meinung aus dem Rechten Spektrum. Sie veroeffentlicht ihre meinung in einer Respektvollen und Hassfreier weise. Sie ist ein teil unseres Demokratischen Landes, und ihre Meinung gibt uns ein Einblick ueber Meinungen der Rechten in Deutschland. Die Denkweise von den Rechten in Deutschland ist noch nicht weit verstanden und daher gibt ihre Meinung ein Einblick. Ihre Meinung hat Wert und sie ist eine Uhrheberin ihres schreibens. Die Auszahlung wird von @freezepeach beschuetzt. Natuerlich gibt es noch Rechte die Hass und Gewalt verbreiten und in den sinne gibt es in der Deutschen Uhrheberrechts Denkweise und die Amerikanische 1st Ammendment Denkweise Konflikt. Friedlicher Meinungsaustausch ist denke ich was Deutschland brauch. Rechte die sich von Fluechtlinge ausgrenzen und extemisieren machen in Deutschland Terrorangriffe auf Fluechtlingsheime, und Rechtphobische die Rechte ausgrenzen und sich extremisieren machen Terrorangriffe auf AFD. In dem sinne wird Deutschland wie Irak wo sich sunni von shia ausgegrenzt fuehlen und mal so neben bei ISIS gruendeten. Terrorgruppen entstehen bereits wie Nazi Kampfsport und dann dagegen Nazi Boxen. Jetzt muss nur noch Deutschland allen Waffen geben wie sie es im Mittleren Osten so taten. Zur Hoelle mit freien Meinungsaustausch wenn man sich gegenseitig die Ruebe einschlagen kann.

Deine Position kann ich auch sehr schlecht verstehen. Zum einen sprichst du dich aus gegen Rechte meinungen in Deutschland, und so mit dein Kommentar auf freezepeach, aber zum anderen sind dir die Konzentrationslager die es Heute noch gibt, und ueber die ich oft schreibe, egal. Nicht nur du sondern die ganze Deutsch community. Ich kann das nicht verstehen da es doch die gleiche Gleichgueltigkeit ist die diese Lager vor 80 Jahren erlaubt hat. Ich lebe seit ueber 10 Jahren auserhalb Deutschland und ich finde es erschreckend wie sich Deutschland entwickelt hat da ich so nicht Deutschland in erinnerung habe. Vielleicht ist es nur der Konflikt unter euch untereinander der euch Motiviert.

Ebenso von Subgruppen kommt nicht von jeder hilfe. Der Flagangriff auf mich lies die Deutschsubgruppe kalt obwohl ich mich gequaelt habe auch auf Deutsch zu schreiben. @redpalestino hat mir sehr geholfen doch er ist wie in dem letzten link geschrieben den Deutschen Gruppen ausgestiegen. Ebenso haben meine Deutsche Posts kaum Deutsche Leser da die meisten nichts mit Politik zu tun haben wollen. Meine besten Leser koennen prima Englisch. Ist auch gut so denn mein Deutsch (Muttersprache) hat sich wie in mein ersten Deutsch post zu sehen sehr verschlechtert.

Nun zum gegenbeweis von dein letzteren habe ich ein paar Screenshots:

Ich weiß nicht, warum du so viele Worte verlierst.
Du kennst keinen der getaggten Personen persönlich, hast mit ihnen keine kontroversen Diskussionen geführt, die darin geendet sind, daß du geflaggt oder stummgeschaltet wurdest usw.
llfarms, therealwolf und themarkymark sind problemlos über Discord zu erreichen. Was für die gesamte (!) rechte Ecke im deutschen Steemit nicht gilt! Erzähl mir also nicht, die wären an mehr als Verbreitung ihrer Inhalte interessiert!

Billy Six wird hier auf der Plattform auch als Journalist bezeichnet. Wie erklärst du dir, daß er nicht 100%ig Rückendeckung von "Reporter ohne Grenzen" bekommt?

da meine vielen worte nicht gelesen wurden sind sie wahrlich verloren. Die screenshots waren um mein punkt zu zeigen ueber den algorythm. Du kannst sie selbst befragen ueber den post sie beschaeftigt sich laenger mit den flaggenkrieg.

Great discussion of the value of free speech (and @freezepeach). I do suggest editing your post to end with delegate to @freezepeach, rather than follow. I don't follow them because they only resteem posts from authors I already follow. Following them via a curation trail would be a more effective strategy IMHO.

I had to stop watching the Vox vid, as the blatant denigration of speech being at the sole option of natural persons revealed all I needed to know about Vox' commentary. I noted the chart that separated superable free speech from insuperable trolls. There is no actual demarcation. Vox is nothing but clever trolling, after all.

There is no such thing as a Troll. Everybody has the ability I do to simply stop viewing content, so censorship is not intended to keep them from being exposed to content they disagree with - it prevents those that might or do agree with it from being exposed to it.

None of us is omniscient, omnipotent, or universal. To the degree any comment not commercial spam exists, it is valid commentary. Trolling is just comment we prefer not to spend attention on. Censorship is a soft white underbelly; a crack in the armor; a scale missing over the heart of the dragon, as it reveals facts censors have no other ability to counter. This reveals that they seek to counter facts in order to exert policies that are basically contrary to factual reality. Therefore censorship reveals the weaknesses of censors, which then enables opponents of such policies to use effective weapons designed to attack those weaknesses.

This is such a powerful vector that only policy existentially endangered would undertake it because other weaknesses are more dangerous. This is an important revelation regarding censors, and I recommend to all that are concerned about censorship to consider what those particular weaknesses are, because that will reveal the most potent weapons against them and enable their defeat. I include salient facts regarding censorship attempted on the OP for your consideration.


thank you for the edit advice. I implimented it.

Perhaps it is because I come from somewhere else, but he makes a valid point that hate speech should be prevented from spreading. By greying out posts like this post about free speech (irony) the likelihood of them spreading becomes less, meaning that less people will know about freezepeach. But in the case of hate speech we would want that to happen. My country did an entire world war because some guy's hate speech got viral. Now hate speech is illegal in my country. And you see examples of hate speech here in the comments "anti vaxxers should be shot". this is asking for violence against antivaxers. If that person was in Germany he could go to court. I dont agree with their examples of hatespeech though in the video, but I think that is also point of the video that hate speech can be something else for everyone. And strangely you are the second who told me yesterday something along the lines of vox being propaganda. Except their meteorite video that says mega tons is a unit of energy (facepalm) i actually am happy with their videos. Their hillary video showed a lot of good atributes of hillary but as a foreigner it did not help me understand why americans hate hilary.

Thank you for pointing out this post about him manipulating the market. It seems quite a similar thing to why elon musk got sued for a tweet, except bernie does it in a less subtle way while he is low profile.


You and I strongly disagree as to hate speech. If you aren't free to express your hatred of me you cannot speak freely. Only hate speech is free speech. As to Hitler, I think you've been sold a bill of goods. Your education may not have informed you of the reasons the German people loved Hitler, but it certainly was not because he spoke hatred. Consider that Germany went from one of the poorest people in the world to one of the most wealthy in three years.

Have you ever read of the Weimar Republic, and the revolution after WWI? Have you knowledge of the devastating financial oppression that the Treaty of Versailles encumbered - even starving some of them to death - the German people with? Have you actually ever read anything Hitler ever said? You would not follow a madman frothing at the mouth with hatred, and neither would - or did - any of your countrymen.

Hate speech did not make Germany great enough to almost conquer the world. You have been lied to. You should find out what lies you have believed, because they are dangerous to you, for example by making you believe hate speech is a threat of any kind, and preventing you from actually considering points those speakers make, because anger is the child of fear, and almost every case of words that denigrate others have a very good reason to be spoken.

Tell me if I have shared any hate speech with you. I will hear you out, and no matter what you say, you will not endanger me.

May g-d cause his face to shine upon you.

minorities were blamed and dehumanized in public eyes. people thought it was the same to mistreat a jew as it would be to mistreat a rat. i value humans and i dont think people deserve to be dehuminized or threatened. violent threats undermine free speech and are not arguments you can argue against. in order to keep free speech we need to provide an enviroment where one can have discussions without fear of violence.

"minorities were blamed and dehumanized in public eyes."

Not in the text of the speech you read, but in the words of the leaders of the murderous Bolshevists that so degraded Weimar Germany, starved tens of millions to death in the Ukraine but a few years before Hitler spoke before the Reichstag, and went on to slaughter tens of millions more across the world in later decades, facts indelibly ground into the memories and lives of the German people of the day.


The defeat of the German people struggling to oppose this bloodthirstly juggernaut is what has perpetuated that barbaric slaughter, which continues today across the ME, and which Europe is being prepped for presently, by forcibly inflicting on it's peoples hordes of folks from cultures and nations that have suffered exactly such deprivation and destruction at the sole option of those nations, and who cannot assimilate, but who intend to conquer instead.

Your failure to grasp real history conceals from you those forces and machinations that threaten your life, and the lives of your people, existentially today. Ask yourself what truth needs to be protected from inquiry by imposing prison sentences on anyone that doubts it? Why are the German, British, and European peoples first disarmed, and then jailed for speaking their minds?

Your instincts tell you that each of us interprets reality per the view and experience we have of it, and should be able to state that view freely, yet your indoctrination and the incessant propaganda that has pounded your mind since birth has forced you to support unimpeachable overlords dependent on a cowed populace unable to consider their crimes and oppose them.

Reading actual history, and not the propaganda spewed by the mouthpieces of your enemies, will enable you to realize that speech has no value unless it is free, and cannot harm you no matter how hateful the speaker or their words. A moment is all it takes to realize that the more rabid and maniacal the speech, the less convincing it is. It is not hate speech that enabled Germany to rise from the ashes they were sentenced to by the Versaille Treaty to become in less than a decade perhaps the most powerful nation of the day, but the truth about their enemies, and what to do about it.

Organizations in Germany and across Europe had made every effort to destroy Germany, intended to exterminate them, and demonstrated a very real ability to do so were they not successfully opposed, and those organizations were controlled by nominally ethnic Jews. In the speech I posted Hitler points out that it was a very small percentage of Jews that did this, and this reveals that he did not believe the race, the religion, or the ethnic group to be the cause itself, but that Judaism was being used to conceal a predatory institution intent on the destruction of Germany, and indeed, a true record exists of exactly that being done. Your enemies have provided your indoctrination.

May g-d bless you and keep you.

also, aktion t4 - hitler was no angel and just because he wanted peace with britain (and therefore the united states) didn't mean he didn't want to conquer everything to his east and south.

bullshit everywhere as far as i can tell, some truths here and there, but everyone's lied to and about, and the webs of deceit run deep and complex. we are where we are, at the precipice of economic collapse, probably wars and civil wars, unrest and looting at least, collapse of governments and law and order in many countries, and then the rise of the dude who's going to make it all better for the masses.

get out of the cities or suffer the consequences. peace.

by trolls.. you me free speech haters that have something to hide.

aswell. but also with trolls i mean people that call for violence to happen towards a group of people or even threatening a group of people as you see in the discussion here. However I dont think everyone agrees with me on the second. Im just currently waiting for RC to replenish.

people that call for violence to happen towards a group of people or even threatening a group of people

free speech haters are the ones doing this, because they have something to hide.

it is clear to me they have an agenda, it is not random.

hey max i hope your not here for the money cause once this morally bankrupt jerkoff gets on to you thats it for rewards
im not here for the money, beanie keeps me here with retards like that i belong here and am not leaving and sorry you got yourself in this mess for being brave to stick up for all of us but know you are in the same boat
this piece of garbage has chased a lot of people off of steem since it started

i wish you the best max and just make another account and keep this one to spend the jerkoffs votes so he cant upvote himself
there is no one here to protect you, not hulk(dan) not freezepeach not anyone
although FTG does what he can but you cant fight an army by yourself bud
all the best and i dont know how long youve been here but dont quit cause of a piece of lowlife garbage such as this character with no brains in his head or ass
cheers and again sorry that you are in this position my friend