FREE SBD August 17

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Dear Steemians,
Who wants to get FREE steem dollars, then you have to make upvote this post!

Who will upvoted this post will receive 100% of the SBD made by this post after 7 days, divided and distributed equally = 1 reward.

Source :

Those who will resteemed this post will receive 2 rewards from me.
I just have to let me know by commenting on this post.

I sent payments for FREE SBD Upvote Giveaway August 10.

List of all Upvoters:


I encourage you to vote for all posts with giveaway in the last 6 days if you want to get another 6 rewards!

Thank You For Honoring Me With Your Up Vote

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okay means upvote and resteemed?

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upvoted & resteemed.
Thanks for the initiative.

Upvoted and Resteemed !!!

upvoted resteemed