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If you want to get FREE steem dollars, then all you have to do is upvote this post!

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You can Resteem the post if you want, which will further increase the reward pool, and earn you'll earn even more through curation rewards.

100% of SBD from this post will be distributed equally to the voters after 7 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, only SBD to gain. So why not upvote?

I post these everyday,
So I encourage you to upvote the past 6 if you want to get 6x the rewards!

Follow @littlehelper for daily free steem!

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Could I just kindly hint that: many of you may get a higher payout if you just upvote your comments, like this?

@justyy thank you for the suggestion but not all of us have SP enough to worth upvoting our posts.
At least by upvoting the original post I am trying to show my gratitude to @littlehelper for his effort to help us.
Many thanks @littlehelper :)

sp is sp - you are 50 - why don't you have any?

We all have some sp but not enough to make a good payout on our comment as @justyy have, for example.
I currently borrowed some SP from minnowbosster to increase the value of my votes. One reason is to help me grow (as you mentioned) the other is to vote those people that give good comments on my posts or those that participate in my SBD share posts because they deserve to be rewarded (since it's rare to have whales or dolphins to notice us, we have to do what we can to help each other).

You may want to check minnowbooster and/or my SBD share post.
Thanks for your comment :)

I'm getting ready to do that delegation leasing from minnowbooster too. I have the post about it saved and I need to figure it out asap. Thanks for the reminder.

I've also been upvoting the good comments on my posts. I post rarely so far and spend most of my time commenting. But I do get comments so I agree rewarding them is a good idea - I'm not sure what that does to the post rewards but I like it when people do it for me so I do it for the next people.

I will definitely look at your sbd share post. I just resteemed a number of the active giveaways onto my feed, so I will add yours to that. I'm all about the free money :)

Aren't we all about the free money? ;)
The more people get together and share, the more we grow together and help each other eventually. That's what I believe :)

But one thing to warn you about, please do as recommended in the SBD share post, because I am planning to share only with those that read and comment. This way we increase our interaction and we learn to appreciate each others work.

As for the @minnowbooster, you can send a memo by transferring your STEEM in your wallet to it.

1-If you want 150SP for 4 weeks, send 4 STEEM and write 4 in the memo.
2-If you want 75SP for 4 weeks, send 4STEEM and dont write anything in the memo

Hope this helps and good luck. Also many thanks for resteeming my sharing post :)

Glad to and thank you for the tip above. But I don't have steem - just SBD. So how do I convert that? Or do I need to?

You are welcome :)

I think you need STEEM to pay. You can trade in the market for steem, but I dont suggest trading now since STEEM is a bit high at the moment.
However, if you have enough SBD and you really want to get STEEM, you may want to trade just enough to get you the amount of STEEM you want, so you don't lose unnecessarily

Good luck :)

This is what I need to understand. I would like to always max out the value of my votes. I just upvoted your comment and will do mine - for a whole penny. Do those votes pay the same?

I am doing all kinds of small things to grow sp since I cannot buy it. Do you have any guidelines or advice? Thank you for this tip anyway :)

I don't know.... check the payout in 7 days and let me know! thanks!

Thank you man :)

Keep it coming please. Thank you very much.

Must admit this is a rather unique concept. Hope you're having a great Friday.

Thank you :)

How much does the entire post have to make in order to get more than 0.004 SBD? At this rate we'll get 4 SBD in 1000 days :)). Still appreciate the effort though 👍

This is a faucet. They drip money. The more people who come in - the better. Do you promote this post? I do. I resteem it, tweet it, and put it in steemit chat promo, and sometimes on fb. Hopefully more steemers will find it and go in.

I enter all of these contests I can and over time it does add up. Its a way to help minnows get sp. Grateful!!!!

I was just curious about the relation between the amount the post makes and how much SBD we get

1500 followers?! Congratulations on the milestone buddy👍

Thank you!! It's very exciting :)

Re$teemed, upvoted & following!

please upvote this comment

Upvoted - thanks!

Done upvote & resteem

Indeed unique! :) Thanks for posting! Upvoted. :) Have a great day and God Bless!


Thanks for help.. Upvoted and resteemed done.

It's kind to you.. Good continuation
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I have to agree with the ninja frog @coquinlimited this is a unique idea. Hope it works well for you.

Upvote! Great job! Thank-you!

Upvoted friend and thanks!!!

Nice idea to get up vote.

Thanks in advance bro. Have a nice day.😀

Thanks for helping us out. money-372787_1920.jpg

Thank you and upvote & resteem

votado y compartido

upvoted:-)thank you!

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

This sounds funny
How are doing this, all your post about the giveaway are the same and cheetah not doesn't upvote you.
On my giveaway, the bot Upvotes me for making use of my own post, honestly I don't get it.

Upvoted and resteemed