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@littlehelper, you have receiverd rewards for August 24 and August 25 but you haven't made payments.

Why have you not send our payments?

Sometimes I get caught up with activities in my life and I get behind. But not to worry! I always get caught up :) I hope you understand @sport.prediction. That's the only downside of not being a bot. My human affairs sometimes get in the way of sending out my payouts. As you can see though, you've been paid out for those two days.
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OK! I understand you now, sorry about my action, iwas just curious.

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Thank you, This is a great idea for minnows like me. I hope it isn't too much work for you.

It's worth it :)

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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." George Bernard Shaw

I like this quote :) Thanks for sharing