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If you want to get FREE steem dollars, then all you have to do is upvote this post!

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You can Resteem the post if you want, which will further increase the reward pool, and earn you'll earn even more through curation rewards.

100% of SBD from this post will be distributed equally to the voters after 7 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, only SBD to gain. So why not upvote?

I post these everyday,
So I encourage you to upvote the past 6 if you want to get 6x the rewards!

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i talk about you on my blog i think you shoud see

I just read and upvoted it! I guess I'm not the only one doing daily giveaways haha I guess I started a trend :) Thanks again for the shoutout. It's very humbling

You are very welcome.

how can you give to all voters reward manually. is it auto

Thanks for doing this! It really helps us support each other through the upvotes. Upvoted!

I appreciate your support! Thanks timclore :)

Thanks for keeping this account to help everyone.

You're very welcome! Thank you Recan for your continued support :D

How do you send these amounts? I would like to pay it forward but am unaware how you are doing it.

through transactions in my wallet :) After the post gets paid out, I take the amount I've made from the post and divide it by the # of upvoters. Then I send that amount to each person who upvoted it

I didn't realize the dropdowns let you set up the transfers... I just needed to look more.

@littlehelper Always thought you're one of Santa's helper like the elves. Are you ?hahaha! Post resteemed!

Hahahaha that's quite the compliment! I wish I was one of little Santa's Elves, they get to give a lot nicer gifts then just sbd <3

I think this account is most epic becauae it is not all automated. I will contiue to support it! Thanks @littlehelper, what will you do when it becomes big helper? Blessings

Haha well thank you!! It takes me longer by not being automated but I think that's why people continue to support me. I appreciate your continued support egregorian :)

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Thank you @littlehelper for little help

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follow + upvote + resteem all done~

Upvoted, resteemed and followed

Nice post friend keep going !!

First! Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Believe it or not, no joke here :) I'm 100% legitimate

thank you @littlehelper ! upvoted, resteemed, followed!

Thanks for rewarding me :-)

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Upvoted , thanks :)

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Wow! Thank you very much for having such generous intentions for fellow steemians. Altruism is noble and respectable, very sweet of you @littlehelper 🤘🏻
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I do what I can to give back :) Thanks for your support, it really does mean a lot.

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I have much impressed your post

I also helped the community

upvoted. Thank you!

upvoted and reestemed

I'm still learning Steemit and what-not, but eh - even as a little minnow, I can't turn down free. :D

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

Thanks, you should change from @littelhelper to @greathelper!!

Thanks for keeping this account to help everyone.

upvoted, thanks.

Thank you, this is Great!

I upvoted and resteemed

oooOoooo fancy gif! You're very welcome!

Done. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing your wealth with us. That is very generous of you. Voted and resteemed.

Thanks for the free steem! You are AWESOME! Stay Strong, Press On and Charge the Hill. Passionate about your Dreams.


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