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If you want to get FREE steem dollars, then all you have to do is upvote this post!

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You have absolutely nothing to lose, only SBD to gain. So why not upvote?

I post these everyday,
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vote & follow me
i will also


vote & follow me
i will also

Upvoted and tagging along

Wonderful! Thanks for the support!

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its amazing i got 0.007 sbd thanks and i again upvote you keep it

stayed with you buddy.
upvoted all, lets see what i got in back.

@nexusworld please don't spam on my posts.

I saw yesterday one user who made a full page comment without a word regarding the post.
Directly saying what he sell or do... and long story with his email and phone at the end...

So much callousness could some have... pfff

At least @nexusworld is sincere and straight to the point :-) with his approach.
After what i saw there, this kind of messages will not affect me few days.

I just couldn't help to smile at your reaction.

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upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted! Thanks!

my upvotes for you sure

upvoted ^_^ just trying it.

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

UpVoted & Resteem

Upvoted! And resteemed!

upvoted and resteemed

Great Post. Unvoted. Resteemed.

I can do that with any post and get my rewards.. what's so special with your posts

The special is that @littlehelper shares the gained SBD amount of this post among all upvoters ;)

By the way I'm also sharing daily SBD in my giveaways, feel free to participate for more money ;)

Greetings from
Djangos story @juicypop

Exactly! I don't keep any of the author post rewards. I divide it by number of upvoters and sent out the divided SBD to everyone who upvoted! @skreza

vote & follow me
i will also

muy bueno votado y compartido

Upvoted. Many thanks for sharing :)

Thanks so much for doing this! .. follow @lurehound

I upvoted and followed, but couldn't resteem. I think you might be maxed out o resteeming! Wow... good job! Keep on steeming!

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upvoted thanks...