Day 242: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: Herbs

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Hello Freewriters!

I decided to use one of my own photos in order to relay the story in the realist light possible. This topic started a small war in my family. I am now a criminal. I used my own photo.

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They give a prompt, and you have 5 minutes to write! All of my writings are considered Autobiographical Fiction. They are not necessarily real. You never have to feel sorry for me, this is the way I create.
FAIR WARNING: Most of my stories are sad in some way. Be prepared to have the feels!

Now, onto the writing!

It's All Just Herbs, RIGHT?!


We left for the Pacific NW with the idea that we could finally get some help. I had chronic pain issues, and he had debilitating anxiety. Why take all these horrible pharmaceuticals when we can move somewhere that it is legal. Where herbs are used for healing, and not looked at like they are hurting. This seemed like such a progressive idea, not to load me up on opiates, and not load him up on Xanax.

But then I received that call from my mother and my step dad. They didn't see it as a reason to help our medical conditions. They weren't just herbs. "You moved there so you could do drugs!" That is exactly what I was told. It didn't matter that I was a college graduate. it didn't matter that we both had full time professions. It didn't matter that we weren't in debt, and that we were self sufficient. We were looked at as drug addicts.

How could marijuana carry such a disgusting and bad stigma, but the hydrocodone and oxycodone that made me fall asleep all day didn't? How could I be viewed as a productive member of society at that point? Where we would truly be addicted to something, and not be able to live our lives without it. If we missed a dose, we were physically and mentally ill. The devil in pill form.

But here we are, in the PNW, living as full time drug addicts, and that is what we shall be, with our herbs.

Thanks for reading my 5 minute free write for the day!!! I guess Father's Day yesterday stirred up some emotions, whew!



Loved it, you made me proud. Great job with this prompt. I'll be back tomorrow to drop you an upvote. 👍👍

That is how brainwashed everyone is. Big pharma has lots of power... good for you that you weaned yourself off the pills. So much better for you!!

People fear what they don't know. Cannabis isn't different from, let's say, wine...both have beneficial and toxic effects on the body, but wine is culturally accepted in our societies since is better known and consumed since a longer time. Time are changing, but too slowly...

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I am truly sorry for your mishap!I did get the feels😭
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