Day 249: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: Bath

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Hello Freewriters!

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They give a prompt, and you have 5 minutes to write! All of my writings are considered Autobiographical Fiction. They are not necessarily real. You never have to feel sorry for me, this is the way I create.
FAIR WARNING: Most of my stories are sad in some way. Be prepared to have the feels!

Now, onto the writing!

I Love Him

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I fill up the tub to draw a warm bath for when he comes home. He has been such a good boyfriend lately, that I want to treat him good. Not good but great. Like a king. So I pull out all the stops and try to make it as romantic as possible. I fill up the tub with suds, rose petals, oils, and line the side with candles. I turn out the lights and it is such a romantic view, something like you see out of a movie. He's going to be so shocked.

He should be home in the next couple of minutes, there is no reason why he shouldn't be home. I mean it's already an hour past the time that he normally gets off. I have texted him twice, but haven't received an answer yet. Could he possibly be on overtime? I wonder why he's not answering his phone? It's not like him to not answer my text messages. Oh no, do you think something bad happened? Maybe he was in a car accident? If I don't hear from him in a few moments then I think I will call. I don't want to get myself all worked up out of nothing.

DING my text message goes off and it is finally him. I open up the text message and read what he sent to me.

I had fun spending time with you. Let's do it again

The pit of my stomach sinks and I feel automatically sick. Anxiety rushes through my chest and my face gets hot. Tears well up because I know that the text message he just sent was not meant for me. It was an accidental text message. While I was sitting here putting together this romantic bath and thinking all about him, he too was thinking all about himself. Spending time with someone else that wasn't me. And I look like a fool, sitting here worrying about if he was in a car accident or worse. When in fact he was out with someone else, having a great time, and can't wait to do it again.

I drain the bath, blow out the candles, and wipe my tears. It crosses my mind to start filling up garbage bags full of his shit and setting it outside of the door. As much as I hate him right now, I'm sure there is a reason why he sent that text message. He could never cheat on me, I won't believe it.

Thanks for reading my 5 minute free write for the day!!!



He did, though.
This was an interesting freewrite, I kept thinking something bad had happened to him. You should've thrown up in his bath. The bastard..

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ha! Your comment made me giggle