Prompt of the day "Mom and Dad" - What it means to me!

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How I view the mother and father figures! I suppose I would have to say that growing up an only child until the age of 12 and being raised by a single mother until the same age, I learned to deal with different situations than most. My mother did try her best but had her faults, my father not being apart of most my life. I tend these days to realize the faults they made in order to get by sort of like how we get by and the faults we ourselves made. We are our own people and so are they, We grow up just like they do and for the most part being able to teach your children the important lessons you have learned along your journey is they key to being a Mom and Dad to me. Lessons are learned throughout life and to teach others your life lessons is to help one grow.

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Right on brother good start to your #freewrite’s

Straight to the point yet a message many parents seem to forget!

Your a good father figure buddy, I realized that back in high school watching you help raise your little sister.

Say hi to your munchkin for me 💪

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Thank you for your continued support! I couldnt be doing this without ya!

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No problem buddy, call this a challenge for me also. Can I use all that I have learned and my influence to help someone get a jump start? Well it’s proving to be true! Right off the bat your earning and many do not have someone like myself giving full full support but aside from me you have the minnowsupport trail/partiko points/freewritehouse and more to come as you build the momentum to then be able to invest in vote services.

The biggest jump will come from those big votes and the most rewarding is DTube, big boosts in rep and many of the people on their curating have a decent amount of power also! It’s a lot more work but well worth it and if like me the process is enjoyable in so many ways.

We Will Get There Together
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that is amazing! thank you it means alot to have such support within this amazing community

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So happy that you joined the freewrite. And you are so right. We all have different experiences and we all learn from life every single day.

A warm welcome aboard the free write train and you’re off to a flying start!

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