WE-Write! Partner Up! 10/24/2018

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WE-Write Partner Up!

We know that you have been waiting for this one to return. Find a partner (or several) and get going.


What is a We-Write?

If this is your first time coming across this WE-Write post - let me explain.

A We-Write is a fun way to write a story with a partner. There are several ways to go about it we are explaining below.

We are using the daily prompt given by @mariannewest to get the story started. What happens after that is up to you!!

The goal is to write one story with two writers. Confused? No worries. Here comes the explanation.


How Do We Play?

We started this fun game way back when the Daily Freewrite Prompt celebrated day 100. We are now way past the one year mark and are still going strong.

At the time, we talked and @snook and @brisby did several test writes to see which way works best. As it turned out - we liked them all.

@brisby wrote up and explanation - the "rules" of the game. As if Freewriters ever follow rules!!

@brisby wrote:

There are three ways to do this. They require correspondence through comments, Discord, Steemit Chat, email, or a shared document. Google doc is a free option. @snook wrote a terrific post explaining how to share a document if you have never made one. Here is her post. To work out any kinks, @snook and I beta tested the We-Write process and our story can be read here

Helpful tip: Plan how post payouts will be shared with your partner beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.😁

Option 1

Pick a partner and open up a shared Google doc.
Decide who will begin writing.
Prepare a timer for each writer. Alternate writing for 1 minute each.
Use the word “Go” to let the other know that it was their turn.
Use the prompt provided.
Put the word/phrase at the top of the page.
The first freewriter sets a timer for 1 minute and begins writing.
When the minute is up, type the word “GO” to let the next writer know to begin.
Carry on, alternating turns, until 10 minutes have passed (each has written for 5 minutes).
Combine the sentences (cleaning up the formatting and removing the “Go’s” if you wish).
Place the “cleaned up” version of the story below the exercise.
Submit the link and then enjoy reading that day’s freewrites!

Option 2

Pick a partner and open up a shared Google doc.
Decide who will begin writing.
Set a timer for 10 minutes.
First freewriter writes one sentence.
Then, the other freewriter writes one sentence.
Switch back and forth until the 10 minutes are over.

Option 3

  • This option is especially good if you can't find a time which suits both writers
    Each freewriter writes a 5 minute freewite.
    Exchange the freewites (This can be done in comments, through Discord, Steemit Chat, or email)
    Write 5 more minutes on the partners freewrite and finish the story.
    You can both publish the freewrites and if you want, add a bit on how that kind of writing felt to you. Was it fun? Difficult? Want to do it again?


Now, on to the good stuff!!


Everyone who participates will get a 100% upvote - either on the comment with the link, or on their post. If we have votes to spare, we will upvote both.

  • 4 SBI shares from the Freewrite House!

  • 6 SBI shares from our sponsor @curie

2 pairs will get 2 SBI shares each.

1 pair will get 1 SBI share each.

If you like to sponsor additional prizes - let us know. Either in the comments of this post or DM Marianne on discord. mariannewest#6102

SBI stands for Steem Basic Income and you can find lots of information on the @steembasicincome account. The short explanation is that SBI = and upvote for life.
1 share will give you a small upvote - the more shares you have, the bigger the upvote. You also can increase your shares by upvoting the @steembasicincome posts and/or by delegating to the account.


Any questions? Ask in the comments! If not, grab your partner and let's get this show on the road!!


To get the stories started, please use today's prompt from the Daily 5-Minute Freewrite found @mariannewest's profile.

Prompt: idiot


Deadline for Submission

7 days after publishing of this post.

Write On!!!


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I hope I am not too late. I am interested in doing we-write. Would anyone like to partner with me? All I ask is that we make it fun. Thanks in advance.

Thank You and here is my part 2. I took the liberty to include your part of the story to make it flow better. Thanks for choosing me I enjoyed partnering with you @tristancarax. https://steemit.com/freewrite/@rensoul17/wewrite-post-prompt-idiot-part-2-of-the-we-write-a-space-paradigm-of-conscious-awakening

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Thank you for helping!!

I would love to participate in another we-write if any one else is brave enough to do one with me. LOL

If nobody else comes forward, let me know, but I tend to be awful as a "we"-writer!

Well, @tristancarax has solved the dilemma for both of us! If I get inspired, I'll start a second we-write with you, but I have a busy weekend coming up.

One is enough, this time around, but thank you!

Okay! Maybe another time!

How can you say that?? You are awesome!!!

I'm terrible at following the rules--even if I make a conscious effort and firmly resolve to do it 'right' - but thanks Marianne!

You start. I'll finish. I'll do a couple. Just post below, and I'll get to it. No more than 3 people.


Hello Free Writers
@alimamasstory and I team up for this round
Thank you homie for thinking of me, it was fun :)


Hello peeps, here's my part!! I had fun, let's do it again soon homie @kaerpediem!!