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There are so many articles and blogs on social media and motivational speakers which tackle on the topic of being a successful person.

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10 tips to skyrocket your success.

5 golden advice from successful people.

How to be a successful entreprenuer.

Ways to your Steemit success.

Etcetera. Etcetera.


How do you define successful people? How do you define yourself as one?

I used to think being successful is to be a doctor - earn big money while saving life, but not every doctors can be as successful as one wishes.

People claim successful people are those with 5C - car, condominium and cash. And what are the other 2C's, I totally forgot. Character? Maybe. And Capital? Ah.. Time is ticking so I shall continue typing..

Some said to be successful you need to have 5M.
Money. Money. Money. Money. And. Monkey Money.

But money comes and go too. Then the whole cycle repeats where you find yourself working hard for money again.

Although it is true, without money, we can't survive as long had gone the system of barter.

Let me recall some quotes on sucress, off-hand from my brand.

Success is many steps failure without giving up.

Success is not measured by money but how you use the money for happiness.

Successful people gives without asking in return.

Successful people are those who looks good on the outside and inside.

I personally think a person who is successful, whether with or without struggle, always see the world and people with lenses of optimism, wells that wish good luck to everyone, reservoir which always overflowing, always happy (not without tears), always grateful (not without loss), remain peaceful (not without storm). I just made up a new quote for myself. But then I think no one can match up to that. Only God can be truly successful. Yeeha!

Now, I see myself successful if I can love God and love people, have a genuine heart and be my best as I can to my loved ones and communities, and never beat myself up for any mistakes and failure. And be positive always. 😍

I would love to know how do you define yourself as one who is successful? 5M? 10million SP? Share with me and I will randomly pick one comment to win 1SBI.



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I feel successful any time an obese person tells me my work helped them to get on the path to health. It does not happen very often, but it is very rewarding when it does. Sometimes the person sends me photos to show me their before and after shots. This is a wonderful result because then I know they are truly on the right path.

What a great accomplishment when people get on the path to health based on your guidance. Great one Sharon. :) thanks for your comment.

As you say success can be defined in many different ways by many different people. Everybody places importantance on different things! I would like to think im have been successful in certain aspects and trying to succeed some other aspects of my life. At different points we are presented with different challenges. I figure as long as i do my best and keep trying, it can never be seen as unsuccessful! Failure is just a part of a success journey!

Failure is just a part of a success journey.

Love you. I agree with you 100% :)

What would lifes journey be if we do not learn great lessons like these. Its all about perspective. Everything looks different from another angle!

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I remember the 5Cs... We used it in school to assess our potential future partners in life. How naive we were.. ha ha..

5Ms.. I don't recall that but it sure makes sense. But then, I think this is all when we were younger & am not exposed to the real world.

Everyone define success differently based on their life priorities. I feel there's nothing wrong with it so long as they're happy

Maybe don't have 5M? Maybe I hear too often the song 'five little monkeys.' lol.

True, as long as one is happy, it is the best. Everyone needs more laughter and smiles. :)

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I think what success means to me personally is how wisely I use my time and the number of lives I am able to influence.

I can obviously see why fame and fortune are the biggest priorities for some people but what good is life if it's not lived knowing that you have changed someone else's?

Love this philosophy of yours. Thanks for dropping by thoughtful comments. :)

I like that we both had in mind to question what successful means and is.

Yeah.. So many ways to define. And well considering we all have different priorities in life hence our definition of success will be different too.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal." - Earl Nightingale

Namaste, JaiChai

As always, namaste 😊 @jaichai

I agree - I also think successful people see things from a positive viewpoint, and are happy with their lives. For example, someone who has tons of money, but needs weekly therapy because they feel unfulfilled wouldn't be someone I'd call successful. But someone who is living paycheck-to-paycheck, and tackles each obstacle with the attitude of, "I can make it through this" with a smile on their face is definitely a success. Excellent freewrite, @iamjadeline!

Thank you for your comment and compliment. I will certainly want to be successful according to your definition. :)

I personally think that a successful person is the one with non-monetary assets such as presence of friends and family. When you need help, you have friends to call and they will come without asking any questions (without hesitation). I think this person is successful if he/she can mix well with different people and all people has good comment about him/her. :)

Friends and family are so important which money can't buy the real ones. Thank you for your comment.:)

This sure was an interesting read. You're very right! And I love that 'monkey' squeezed in there :D

And I know you want to get to more writing, so here's the latest prompt:

Oh yes somehow the monkey got its way in my brain. Haha.

Thank you for delivering the prompt :)

Thank you so much for helping the freewrite community!!!

We all follow after your example :)

Successful to me is everytime I can try again later being beaten down and take on a new grace from God. I always tell myself everyone's success looks different so I shouldn't compare. I have success because I have God even if I have nothing much. Success is being powerful and whole in my soul because that would mean more than anything as it is the characters to contain success in every other manner.

So powerfully defined @happycrazycon. I love it. ::)

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