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Did you know that society continues to evolve? But not in a good way, but in a negative way. Why do I say it? Well, today I understood that many of us do not respect each other, we do not accept different opinions and we want to make fun of others for being different. That feeling of bad taste when someone begins to argue with you because you gave your opinion and that person will not understand it, it is a nuisance since the values ​​of the house have been broken and it is sadder that society applauds it.

My brain doesn't understand these people's attitudes, I think they need more reading and they stop dramatizing all the facts. What I mean by this? I mean we as humans are made to create controversy, chaos and disaster, that's what I've seen, sometimes I think we need a little bit more to be animals ... And even animals can reason better than we do. I don't want to look like a bad girl, it's just my way of seeing, but today I was in the presence of emotional abuse and teasing me, all because of a simple comment through social networks. Did you know that social networks are used as a place of criticism?

Now everyone has the right to reject your ideals and discuss your position, but in a totally degrading way towards you, regardless of your sex or sexual orientation, we all deserve respect. In some way, we can defend ourselves without insulting, shouting or wishing him the worst like death, it is absurd, the hatred that can be seen on social networks is unheard of.

Although, not only in social networks but also in the physical environment, the treatment of people, the little empathy and the feeling of humility towards us, many would say that it is a waste to be a good person in a cruel world like the one we live in...

No people, it is not a waste. When will we be those people who respect and promise peace? Should we be bad to live with respect? I will not accept it! I refuse to let a person gain value for being arrogant and with bad feelings, I want to live with those people who can be kind without having to ask for something in return, I want to be friends with people who make people laugh with their jokes and that reflects happiness.

It may sound corny, but while I was watching people get aggressive criticizing me for my opinion, I just read and didn't respond, maybe I was wondering why you don't defend yourself. Since it is not necessary, it is like fighting a wall, you will not understand my way of seeing things if they are totally focused on rejecting a 3-word opinion.

Also, I was having fun since all the attention was on me, maybe in the way I didn't expect, but if I had attention, I just hoped that the anger would subside and now I'm here writing for you. You are my third home, where can I be? I know that no one will criticize me because we must all support this platform as a sweet house, a house of talents, we give voice! So we should all support each other :)

I hope you are very well and have a beautiful beautiful night