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RE: Saved by the Bath. The Very True Story of How a Bath Saved me from Marrying the Wrong Guy

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lol! how do you know it would have been a disaster..because you would have made his life a living hell? lol
what if you would have eventually grown to love him?
do you think that's possible or do you think its' there or not there and never will be?


It would have been a disaster because he brought out the worst in me... so yeah. Marriage and relationships are hard enough when you both absolutely love each other. The two of us were far too different. I still think he's a great person to talk to, but man... having kids together wasn't a great idea, so marriage would have probably been an even worse one!

howdy there @byn! yes Ma'am I can see that it would have been worse, and to think that it was so close! not that it would have lasted but that would be more pain and suffering for everyone!