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Here's my entry for the @mariannewest #freewrite challenge. The prompt is Desert.

They poured themselves drinks from the mixer, Margaritas, it was. They toasted each other and the hard work they'd accomplished today. That and no one died. They watched the sunset; pale white sun, gray sky, rust-red rocks.

“Pretty,” she said.

“I s'pose,” he answered. Then added, “Yeah, it kinda is.”

It was a one way trip, no going back.

They watched that red desert darken to black as the sun sank lower and lower against the western hills.

“There will be water, one day,” he said. Now he trying to be optimistic. “The desert will be gone; replaced with green fields; and oceans.”

“Not in our lifetime,” she said, sighing. “Our children's children's maybe”

“Yeah, it's for them. In the meantime: Desert.”

What wind there was kicked up fine dust and spawned a dust devil, the last thing they'll see 'til morning as the sky grew blacker and blacker.

“Spooky,” she said, looking at the way the twilight light hit the swirling dust. “But beautiful.”

“Spooky,” he repeated. Then, “beautiful.” He took a sip of his drink.

Thus ended another day for the first settlers on Mars.

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Awesome twist at the end!

You’ve been featured in our weekly curation post Freewrite Favorites at @freewritehouse. Thank you for participating and raising the bar with awesome, creative freewrites! Freewrite On!

OMG! I sure wasn't expecting that last sentence. Love the surprise!

Resident cat here, wondering if sheep are needed on Mars while delivering today's new prompt:

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mwah ha ha , surprise.

TY for reading

What a fun story! I love this freewrite so much, great job. <3