Racket, a Five-Minute Freewrite

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Here's my entry for the @mariannewest #freewrite challenge. The prompt is Racket.

"I have a racket going", he said.

"What'd ya say. I can't hear you from all that racket!"

"I have a racket going. I'm making rackets. Tennis rackets. Badminton rackets. Ping-pong rackets."

"I want in," I said.

So he gave me the business.

And I took what I had coming.

Then he hit the roof.

After he came down from hitting the roof – he fixed a leak in the shingles -- he told me to hit the road.

So I went outside, with his hammer, the same one he used on the roof, and I hit the road.

Then I asked him why?

He said it was none of my business.

But I reminded him he gave me the business.

Then he decided to clam up.

I prefer oysters I told him, that was my world.

He said not to be wise.

I said wisdom comes with age.

He said I was being smart.

I told him I'm the smarted guy in the room.

He asked if the room had a view.

"Boy, what a view," I answered. "On a clear day you can see forever."

"What does forever look like?"

"It looks the same way you would look, like maybe standing tall and peering through binoculars."

Oh no, I can't go on with this foolishness any longer. Thank god I ran out of time.


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Liked the clam up to oysters.

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Haha! That was rather amusing :)

Glad you thought so.

I liked it a lot and kept thinking about the Marx Brothers and of course, The Three Stooges. Thanks!

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TY, I like them both. Hadn't thought of Curly until I started looking for accompanying pictures.