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Here is my 5 minute freewrite challenge for Finish the Story, thanks to @freewritehouse for the prompt.

I wrote this as a change of pace from the “we’re havin’ a baby” theme. I hope I don't shock too many of you.

Well, maybe I do. Good fiction is supposed to shock!




"Don't you care about my well-being?" Sophia asked.

"Of course," Derril said with a grin. He stood in the grocery aisle butter pecan ice cream in one hand, his cell phone in the other. "My only question, sweetie, was how I should keep the ice cream frozen while I run across town for the french fries."

Sophia sniffed loudly into the phone. "I...I suppose it's not very practical is it?"

Derril tried to cover the laugh that was building in his chest. His wife of four years sat alone in their apartment, five months pregnant with more cravings than hours in the day.

"No, it's not..."

She let out another whimper.

"But it's fine! I will drop this off at home, and..."

"Derril?" Sophia asked, but the line had gone dead.

Meanwhile, a Lorogan mother-ship transitioned to Low Earth Orbit and began annihilating all communication satellites, effectively rendering all Earths communications dead.

Once orbital space was cleared the mother-ship dispatched 121 battle cruisers for the invasion. Each of which promptly launched 121 battle bots of their own. The battle bots quickly shot down towards Earth. They looked like meteors shooting towards 121 of the largest population centers of the planet.

Each of those 121 bots released 121 mini-bots of their own on their way down. But there was nothing mini about those mini-bots. Each of them were thirty-foot tall cast iron destroying berserker with missiles firing from their noses and lasers shooting from their 121 fingertips. Not to mention bad breath.

If you’re keeping count so far, thats 121 cruisers. 121 X 121, 14,641 battle bots. 14,641 X 121 mini-bots for a total of 1,771,561. Plus one mother-ship. Then a whole lot of laser fingerstips.

Actually they were 1 mini-bot short. Only 1,771,560 of them. The retro-rockets of the very last mini-bot failed to fire. It ended up crashing into an apartment block in Peoria. The bot and the building vaporized on impact killing all residents including one whiny pregnant woman and her hubby retuning with half-melted ice cream.

The Augulont on the mother-ship was watching, vaporized or not, the 1,771,561st mini-bot still got a harsh dressing down.

“Don’t you care about my invasion! Being vaporized is no excuse. You go out there and start destroying!”

“Yes, my queety,” the vaporized mini-bot transponded back to the Augulont. “But how can I destroy anything while being in this vaporized state. It’s not very practical, is it?”

“Then get me some of this Earth ice cream I’ve been hearing so much about.”

Image Source: http://www.anunnakis.es/2017/02/top-secret-flota-espacial-secreta.html

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This is amazing for 5 minutes.
You have crazy imagination for this things

Just when I abandoned hope you would return to the prompt, you deliver that final line - a treasure!

Well let's hope ice-cream will save our planet :D
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